To height adjust or not to height adjust? That is the question. There is certainly no shortage of mounting options on the market for Interactive Flat Panels so in this blog post we are going to look at why you need to be looking for a height adjustable wall mount such as the BalanceBox.

Before we do, TouchIT offers its own fixed wall mount call the MMT300. This mount can hold up to 300 lbs which is the most important thing when selecting any mount for your Interactive LED. Just because it says it can support a 75″ LED, doesn’t mean it can support the weight of a 75″ Interactive LED. This is because any interactive LED is a lot heavier than your standard TVs. This is because of the layer of usually anti-glare toughened or tempered glass.

Please do check the weight of the Interactive LED that you are looking for. Just as a guide, if it costs 20 bucks, the chances are it is not going to support the weight and is designed for home use! The last thing you want is one of these falling off a wall. Make sure it can take the weight and also that it is installed correctly by a professional. 

Now onto the range of height adjustable mounts that TouchIT offers. These are known as BalanceBox. What is great about the BalanceBox wall mount is they make the heaviest of LEDs light. What I mean by this is that you can height adjust an 86″ with the slightest of tough and next to no force. The spring tension mechanism

Not everyone is the same height!

Its important to reach to the top of the LED.

Being able to reach the top of the LED is essential for the user. This is most often than not where the file menus are found to be able to get new pages, save your work etc. Close windows, minimize, maximize, all these things are found at the top of the LED. You are at a huge (no pun intended) disadvantage if you cannot reach the top of the LED. Your user experience will not be ad good. Install a height adjustable wall mount to combat this problem.

Health and Safety

You may think this is an odd one. However, if you have a step that a student or child needs to stand on and they fall off and injure themselves you have a problem. Nine times out of ten you are going to get sued. Having a height adjustable wall mount enables you to avoid any steps of any description. This makes the classroom or boardroom a lot safer. And no law suit!

Bottom of the screen can be too low

We’ve already mentioned that the top of the screen can be too high and it is important to be able to get to things like the “File” menu. However, if the bottom of the screen is too low, people that aren’t sat on the front row just aren’t going to see it. There has to be a happy medium which is why having a BalanceBox that can do 15″ of height adjustable just makes sense. Move the screen down when you need to touch the top. Put it back up so everyone can see the bottom. Couldn’t be any easier.

Inclusion. Install a Height Adjustable Wall Mount

Getting people moreover students involved in a session is paramount to whole class teaching. If you have not got a solution where every student has access to the interactive flat panel, you don’t have an inclusive classroom setup. Think inclusion. Consider height adjustable wall mounts. Install BalanceBox.