About TouchIT Technologies

Founded in 2008, based in Austin, TX, USA, TouchIT Technologies designs and manufactures innovative touch-based interactive products for use in both Education and Corporate environments under the TouchIT Technologies brand name as well as under various OEM brands throughout the world.

TouchIT began life as a manufacturer of interactive whiteboards. We developed what we believe was the world’s first touch-based enamel steel interactive whiteboard, a format which was emulated by many manufacturers around the world. The TouchIT Board was sold in over 30 countries world wide and over 20K units were sold before it went end of life in 2015.

Today, TouchIT concentrates on manufacturing Interactive Flat Panels. In 2024 we’ve launched our 10th generation of the product which has become a firm favourite with schools, colleges and business around the World – TouchIT Vitesse.

On the software side of things, TouchIT has its own App Store (www.touchitappstore.com) a native App Store App for Android, as well as being the designer and owner of the Contribute family of annotation tools and content delivery platform. Contribute Cloud is our cloud-based content creation, delivery, collaboration and casting platform. Contribute Signage is our digital signage software which combines playback apps with a web control panel. Recent additions to the portfolio are TouchIT Air for IOS and OSX casting and ManageMyLED for Central Management.