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Top 9 tips for selecting an Interactive LED in 2019

We’re heading into ‘crunch time’ for summer purchases of Interactive LEDs in the school market. We thought that in this week’s blog post we’d take a look at the top 9 tips for choosing an Interactive LED. Tip 1 - Budget When you first look at deploying interactive LEDs in your school or district you [...]

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TouchIT Technologies – Proud Sponsors of Blisworth U6 Reds

Blisworth U6 Reds 10 - 9 Northampton Soccer Stars U6 TouchIT Technologies, proud sponsor of Blisworth U6 Reds who had a difficult game against Northampton Soccer Stars U6s at the weekend. Donning their new red kit, Blisworth found themselves trailing a few goals down at half time. Spirits were high and working well as a [...]

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The Ultimate Guide to Casting in Contribute Cloud 2.0

What is Casting in Contribute Cloud 2.0? Casting is the ability for a participant or a student to send the screen from their own computer up to the Interactive LED at the front of the  classroom or boardroom, wirelessly. This enables the participant or student to show something from their own computer screen to the [...]

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Contribute Cloud Update – Improved Annotation, Selective Chat and File Transfer plus Games come to the Cloud!

We've been working hard this month on the additions and Improvements to Contribute Cloud 2.0 and we've just pushed an update to the software. We've improved the annotation, added Selective Chat and File Transfer as well as adding six brand new games to enjoy on your TouchIT LED. Annotation Improvements At the heart of any [...]

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Why should I use an Interactive LED in my Classroom rather than a TV with Apple TV or Chromecast?

There are many different styles of teaching that we as manufacturers hear about when we go about our demos, trainings and tradeshows. It most certainly would not be for us to pitch one over another after all, we a hardware manufacturing company not teachers. That said, in this blog post I would like to highlight [...]

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Take Your Head Out The Clouds and Put Your Classroom in it!

Take Your Head Out The Clouds and Put Your Classroom in it! The Definitive “Non Techy” Guide to Cloud Computing for Schools Over the last 10 years I’ve seen thousands of chalkboards and whiteboards replaced in classrooms all over the world. At first, they were replaced with Interactive Whiteboards. Now, even those are being replaced [...]

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The Ultimate Size Guide for Interactive LEDs in 2019

Is bigger better? Well, in the case of an Interactive LED or Interactive Flat Panel (IFP) I would definitely have to say that it is. As a company, over the last few years we have certainly seen the trends change. The market has seemed to move up a size every year! To give you an [...]

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What’s New in Contribute Cloud 2.0?

It's been in the making for some time now - version 2.0 marks a huge step forward in the Contribute Cloud Software. We're pleased to announce that it is now live for you to use! In short, pretty much everything has been tweaked and improved. In this blog post we are going to go though [...]

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Teacher Cast and Video in Contribute Cloud V2

Hello and welcome to this week's blog post where we will be concentrating on one of the new features in Contribute Cloud -Teacher Cast & Video. Traditional casting as we have seen before is normally confined to home products such as ChromeCast dongles and Apple TVs - with Contribute Cloud we changed the landscape in [...]

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Learn all about Casting and Multi-Casting in Contribute Cloud 2.0

Contribute Cast allows teachers and presenters to control which student’s or participant’s screens can be “cast” up to the interactive LED. “Casting” is the ability to send the screen of a student or a participant to the LED without the need for wires. Traditionally, this is done with hardware like a ChromeCast Dongle from Google, [...]

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