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How Interactive Flat Panels are Changing Today’s K-12 Education

K-12 school districts have struggled with the challenge of providing online education during the pandemic. However, despite hardships, giving teachers access to online learning platforms for their lesson plans has begun opening up new pedagogies and innovative software tools that improve experiences both in and out of the classroom. Schools are beginning to open their [...]

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7 Things Perhaps You Didn’t Know an Interactive Flat Panel Could Do!

Technology has come a long way since the days of the Interactive Whiteboard or "Smart Board" as they became known. As the upgrade process is well under way due to the age of most of these Interactive Whiteboards, it is well worth taking a look at what an Interactive Flat panel can actually do. In [...]

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Why Should I Upgrade My IWBs for Interactive Flat Panels?

You might be wondering why you should upgrade your interactive whiteboards to new, more technologically advanced interactive flat panels. Is it worth it? Well, there are a lot of benefits that come with this kind of investment. In this article, we will try to highlight the most important points. First, there are a [...]

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First 5 Things you should do with your new TouchIT Interactive LED

So you have just taken delivery of your brand new TouchIT Interactive LED - firstly, excellent choice of hardware, well done! In this blog post, we'll look at what the first 5 things you should be doing with your new interactive screen. 1. Connect to the Internet. It may seem like something obvious, [...]

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The Importance of Interactivity in Higher Education

Student engagement is one way to measure good teaching. The more a student is engaged in their studies, the higher their satisfaction and motivation to learn. The National Education Association explains how engagement should be more about making lessons meaningful, rather than just making them fun. Learning something shouldn't simply mean studying material for the [...]

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The Inside Track – Interactive Technology in the Classroom

Over the past few decades, we have undergone significant changes in the use of different levels of technology that are being implemented in schools to improve daily classroom instruction and support administrative back-office functions. It all started in a school computer lab, giving students and even some teachers their first exposure to computers. I remember [...]

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TouchIT Launch Firewall Checker App

We're pleased to announce that we have launched a Firewall Checker App for our line of Interactive LEDs. Backwards compatible with the Y Series as well as the current TouchIT Rapide Interactive LED, now customers can take the guesswork out of their software & firewall setup on the network. TouchIT Firewall Checker is able to [...]

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Overview of the TouchIT Rapide Interactive LED

Still today, 12 months on from its launch, the TouchIT Rapide is the fastest interactive flat panel display on the market. The Rapide is available in 4 sizes and designed on the Android 8 operating system. This makes your daily tasks a breeze. For the first time, in a classroom or board room, your interactive [...]

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Education Technology Trends for 2021

Gone are the days when the schools were limited to supplementing the curriculum with a blackboard, chalk and a duster. Teachers are increasingly shifting their focus from years of teaching the same curriculum to implementing new technology to help deliver the learning material. Essentially, it’s not just about conveying the message of learning, it is [...]

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Corporate Technology Trends for 2021

In today's world, the pace of change is faster than ever. Most corporations are adapting to the changing environment brought about by the pandemic in order to remain resilient to the global socio-economic crisis caused by COVID-19. Furthermore, focusing on digital technologies to overcome these challenging times and get people back to work is giving [...]

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