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Contribute Cloud Software Get’s its own Cloud Storage

Contribute Cloud from TouchIT Technologies is a leading content creation, collaboration and casting platform used all over the world with TouchIT’s Interactive LEDs. The cloud-based software has recently received a number of updates, one of which is the addition of its own cloud storage. Cloud Storage From the outset, Contribute Cloud has always been able [...]

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TouchIT Technologies Showcase New Software and Hardware at ISTE2019

This week at the International Conference Center in Philadelphia TouchIT Technologies is showcasing its latest hardware and software at the ISTE Conference 2019.   TouchIT Rapide Interactive LED   TouchIT Technologies is pleased to be demonstrating the brand new TouchIT Rapide Interactive LED at the show. This is the 7thgeneration touch screen TouchIT Technologies has [...]

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TouchIT Technologies Backs a Winner!

You’ll be pleased to know that we have not been at Royal Ascot in the UK this last week gambling on the horses, we’re referring to the Blisworth Eagles U6 Soccer Team that we Sponsor.  We were extremely pleased to hear about their success at the weekend in the Long Buckby Tournament where against stiff [...]

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7 Features in Contribute Cloud You May Not Have Realized Existed

So, you’ve been using Contribute Cloud to create your lessons, deploy them to your students and collaborate with you students but that is it. Contribute Cloud can do so much more than this. In this blog post, I thought I would look at some of the features that you perhaps didn’t realize existed. Casting Casting [...]

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TouchIT Sponsored Blisworth U6 Reds Win 11-4 Thriller

Donning their TouchIT Sponsored Away Kit for the first time, The Reds (playing in fluorescent orange this week) headed into Northampton for their game yesterday. Coming off the back of a couple of difficult matches and a Tournament last week, the boys were hoping that their hard work paid off. Despite lacking a bit of [...]

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What’s New In Contribute Signage 2.0?

As a manufacturer and software developer, we’re always looking to develop quite simply the best products that we can. That however, does not always go to plan. In our 10 year history we’ve had a few hiccups along the way as I am sure you would expect and I’ve no problem in admitting this. There [...]

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Installation Considerations for Interactive LEDs this Summer 2019

So you have decided that you are going to move forward with your interactive LED purchase - fantastic! Have you thought about how you plan to mount them? There are a number of ways in which you can mount your interactive LED and at TouchIT Technologies, we offer all of these options that we will [...]

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7 Myths About Digital Signage in Education in 2019

We all know that Digital Signage is becoming increasingly popular in Schools around the country. In this blog post, I would like to address some of the myths about Digital Signage. Myth 1 - I don't Need Digital Signage In short, you do but perhaps you have been put off by some of the other [...]

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Top 5 Apps to Use on the TouchIT LED in 2019

Can you believe that we are almost in May already? Where is 2019 going! That said, it's been a busy time for TouchIT especially with the software development. The TouchIT App Store 2.0 was launched earlier this year. We have improved the speed of download, the stability of the store and we also added social [...]

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Top 9 tips for selecting an Interactive LED in 2019

We’re heading into ‘crunch time’ for summer purchases of Interactive LEDs in the school market. We thought that in this week’s blog post we’d take a look at the top 9 tips for choosing an Interactive LED. Tip 1 - Budget When you first look at deploying interactive LEDs in your school or district you [...]

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