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TouchIT Technologies Sponsors AVIXA/Infocomm LATAM Fiesta “Alegria” 2018

TouchIT Technologies was pleased to Sponsor the AVIXA/Infocomm LATAM Fiesta 2018 held in the Blue Martini Lounge, Las Vegas, June 7th. Over 500 AV professionals from Latin America attended the event. TouchIT's sponsorship coordinated by LATAM Business Development Manager, Jorge Biatturi (pictured) is the first in a series of promotional events to assist in his expansion [...]

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Contribute Cloud Software Expands its Feature Set to View .Notebook File Format

Contribute Cloud Software Expands its Feature Set to View .Notebook File Format Austin, TX, USA 24th May 2018. TouchIT Technologies is pleased to announce that it has expanded the software feature set of Contribute Cloud Software to incorporate the ability to view Smart Technologies ’ .Notebook File Format. “Transitioning from one brand’s product line to [...]

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Contribute Cloud Software gets Multi-Cast Functionality

The ability to send a student's or participant's screen, wirelessly up to the LED has been something that we at TouchIT Technologies had been asked for for a long time. In response, we released the Contribute Cast functionality in January this year. Well, this functionality has just been 'turbo charged' and we are pleased to [...]

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Professional Development and its challenges as we see them in 2018

Professional Development is the key to any successful sales effort and is absolutely paramount in what we do at TouchIT Technologies. Having quite an in depth product means that there is certainly no chance to "sell it and forget it". Quite the contrary. The real work for TouchIT starts when the customer gets a product. [...]

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Top 5 Features of Contribute Digital Signage for Schools

Our approach to digital signage is that you should not have to be a graphic designer in order to create good looking yet functional layouts. You also should not have to outsource this task to a 3rd party company which costs you money. You should be able to manage, create and update your own digital [...]

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7 Reasons why TouchIT Technologies should be your Technology Partner

When you are looking or considering choosing your technology partner, wither this be for your school or your business, we recognise there is a lot to consider. Whilst TouchIT Technologies is not a household name like some of the other names in our industry, we'd like to share with you seven reasons that you should [...]

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Top 5 Features of the TouchIT Y Series for 2018

The Y Series Interactive LED from TouchIT Technologies is available in 4 sizes, 55", 65", 75" and 86". All sizes benefit from an on board android operating system offering the user pc-free operation. 10pt multi-touch means 10 simultaneous touches can be recognised on the screen at the same time. A wide viewing angle and anti-glare [...]

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5 Things you didn’t know about Contribute Cloud in 2018

Contribute Cloud is a lesson and presentation creation platform. It is a lesson and presentation distribution platform. And it is also a collaboration and casting platform. All of this can be done without installing any software on your computer and all you need is a browser. 1.    Free for TouchIT Customers   License fees. [...]

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