Digital Signage. There are lots of different options on the market. Why on earth have TouchIT released Contribute Signage? Simple questions that I am sure a lot of you are asking yourselves. However, what we have put together with Contribute Signage is quite a different value proposition and something that is aimed mainly at the Education Market but could also find its way into corporations.

What is Contribute Signage?

Contribute Signage is a combination of a web server and playback apps. In brief, the system works as follows. You log into your account online and you create your signage layouts with our online editor. Then, you install the playback App onto your device. This could be a Windows PC, windows memory stick, Android LED, Tablet or Stick. Your App then gives you a unique code which you register in your admin control panel. Once you have this code, you can then add your device to your web control panel.

Channels, Groups, Users and More

Like a TV, you can then choose the “channel” which is a layout that you would like to see on the device. Group devices, eg they will all be playing the same signage. Schedule the channels for when they will be played. You have full control over user access and can define as little or as much as a user can access on the system. Contribute Signage is a full Digital Signage System and because it is web controlled, you can update your layouts, channels, groups from any device even a cell phone.

Warning Messages?

We’ve deployed thousands of our products into classrooms all over the world. What we wanted to do was to design a system that could be used as an additional ‘service’ to these pieces of hardware. What if you could send messages to all your Interactive LEDs if there were a fire drill. Messages for if there was an intruder lockdown. In short, messages of any description can be popped up on the LEDs. This would turn all of the LEDs in a school onto digital signage boards too. Sounds like a good idea? We certainly think so!

What’s the catch?

There really is no catch to Contribute Signage. What we have found is that many of the digital signage systems on the market need specialist hardware. Some even need specialist serves. There are many that you cannot remote update the content. There are lots that will charge you for updates or a monthly description. So with Contribute Signage we have designed a system that we think is easy to use. Even easier to deploy and most importantly manage. All of this doesn’t even cost the earth! We don’t limit you to how many screens or devices you can have in a school – our licensing is straight forward and on a per school basis. This is whether you have 1 screen or 100.

What about if I don’t have a computer available?

TouchIT are planning on launching an android-based, pre-installed dongle for use with Contribute Digital Signage. The way this works is that you can plug it into any TV, power it by USB or the provided AC adaptor, connect it to your wireless network and off you go. Its simple and easy to use and can be added to the web control panel in exactly the same way as any computer or Y series LED.


Head on over to and sign up for a free unlimited trial. There are no credit cards needed, just an email address. Check it out, you won’t be disappointed.