TouchIT Vitesse Tutorials

Here you will find everything you need to get started with the TouchIT Vitesse LED. Our Video Tutorials cover connecting your LED to how to use the Android OS. For Contribute Cloud Software Tutorials, please use the links in the “Support” menu or Click Here.

Connecting the Cables

  • Connect Power Cord

  • Connect HDMI

  • Connect USB

Finding your way around the TouchIT Vitesse

  • Familiarization

  • The Basics

Connecting to WIFI

  • Internet

  • Wi-Fi Antennas

  • Wi-Fi

External Computer & Changing Input Source

  • Change Sources

  • Connect Multiple Machines

File Manager

  • Copy & Paste

  • Navigate through File System

  • Copy to and From Memory Stick

Installing the Google Play Store

  • Use Android

  • Play Store

  • More Apps

TouchIT App Store

  • Install Content

  • TouchIT App Store

  • TouchIT Web Store

Uninstall Apps

  • Uninstall Apps

Whiteboard Application

  • Basic Annotation

  • Draw on Screen

  • Over Any Application