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TouchIT Technologies was founded in 2008. We began business as an interactive whiteboard manufacturer. 11 Years later and we’re manufacturing large format Interactive Flat Panels and develop our own portfolio of Interactive Software in house. We’ve sold product to 30+ countries around the world under the TouchIT brand as well as various OEM brands too.

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Manufacturer & Software Developer

In addition to the customized hardware that we manufacture, we develop our own software in house. We have seen the market do a complete 360 degree turn as far as software is considered. At first, it was the software that sold the product. Then, it was all about the hardware and software was almost irrelevant. Today, in 2020 it is all about the software once again. 

We have strategically placed our business in a position where we control all of the software that is sold with our products. This gives us the flexibility to change the hardware without affecting the software. By controlling and developing the software in house, we are able to meet the needs of our customers. We are also able to change direction and implement new features very quickly. 

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