In response to COVID-19, organizations must take steps to ensure that risks are mitigated and the health and safety of their employees and consumers is observed. Since fever is one of the first identifiable symptoms of coronavirus, F3VR Kiosk offers a first layer of protection. In other words, on-site temperature screening technology. When it comes to getting the business back on track, temperature screening is the perfect level of security. Not only do you create trust among your employees, but you also signal to your workers and the community that you care about their health and safety.

Here’s why your business should be incorporating Temperature Screening.

Prevent the spread of Coronavirus

The main reason for this is of course to ensure the health and safety of employees and customers. To minimize the spread of the coronavirus, many organizations worldwide have reduced or halted their operations. However, it is possible to identify people with symptoms of the virus before it spreads further by regularly monitoring the temperature of all workers, even those who do not show any other symptoms. While this restricts your employees’ easy access to the workplace, it also contributes to the safety of your employees and the smooth running of your business.

Protect Staff, Visitors and Suppliers

For many organizations, the first concern when they imagine what a workplace would look like after a lockdown is the protection of their employees. One important way to help protect everyone who enters your premises is to implement temperature screening technology. It is also a great way to improve employee morale and efficiency. If employees are less worried when the person next to them shows symptoms of COVID-19, they will be happier, more comfortable and more optimistic. Not to mention the fact that preventing the spread of COVID-19 can help recover lost work hours, which we believe can easily exceed the cost of any temperature screening technology.

Increase Efficiency

Reducing personnel and production is one of the most unfortunate consequences of this pandemic, which has a significant financial impact for many businesses. However, it is possible to reduce the risk to employees by recording their temperature while the company can continue operations. If every employee is screened regularly, it is possible to quarantine those who have high temperatures. F3VR kiosk can check the temperature of your staff in seconds to speed up entry into the workplace and allow you to effectively monitor the temperature of your staff. This would reduce the need for queuing and help you get your staff into the office easily and efficiently without having to worry about coronavirus.

Reassuring Customers and Improving Public Perception

Many believe that after the lifting of restrictions and the reopening of businesses, public attitudes and fears will continue for a long time. If your business depends on customers visiting a brick and mortar store, this could have a significant impact on your business. Cameras and temperature screening technology can quickly be made visible to anyone who enters your premises. This illustrates your efforts to maintain their well-being and brings peace of mind to customers when they are with you. However, if you want to be more discreet, cameras can be mounted on the ceiling or walls, blend into the background and continue screening every single person.

Happier Staff

This may seem arbitrary, but when they realize that their employer is more supportive at work, employees may be more enthusiastic about their work. It can also lead to greater loyalty to the organization. Also, if they know that someone with signs of the virus is in quarantine, they will feel more comfortable when they are working. Many workers will have their families at home, and knowing that they are not at risk when they come to work makes them feel comfortable and gives them confidence. In addition, the need for additional labor costs is reduced by using F3VR Kiosk, which allow the HR department or other specialized officers to monitor multiple sites from a single location.

Improve your company image

The ultimate advantage of temperature screening for employees is that they show that you are working hard to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. This positions the company as an enterprise that cares about its employees. This is because it puts measures in place to protect them. In the future, people will see this as a return to normality and keep the company in a more important position. In fact, the F3VR Kiosk delivers non-contact, high-precision readings (in less than 0.5 seconds). The temperature scale is given in either ° C or ° F.


Temperature screening is not infallible like other important preventive measures, as many people infected with COVID-19 may be asymptomatic and therefore do not have a high body temperature to raise the alarm. Furthermore, elevated temperate is just a symptom it does not mean that a person have COVID-19. No temperature screening apparatus is able to detect Coronavirus, it is a detection of the symptoms. However, when performed with appropriate equipment such as the F3VR Kiosk, temperature tests are an additional countermeasure to improve safety and limit the spread of the corona virus in office and production environments. The more precautions that can be taken, the more your business will benefit. This means that workers, vendors and consumers have more confidence in the regular use of the equipment.