Touch screen technology is finding its way into conference rooms, meeting rooms and boardrooms. Touch screens or interactive flat panels as they are also known are now highly flexible tools that allow multiple users to connect to different types of media. They bring meeting rooms and other meeting spaces to life.

Large format touch screens are now used not only to display PowerPoint presentations to stakeholders, but also to facilitate collaboration between colleagues. Meetings incorporating touchscreens offer significant benefits that can make businesses more efficient and productive.

Death by PowerPoint is becoming a thing of the past. Interactive touchscreens, connected to computers or used a stand-alone machine, provide a common platform that makes it easy for laptop, tablet and mobile users to share their material with their colleagues.

Here is how large format touch screens can enhance your meeting rooms:

  1. Highlights and Annotations create movement:

    Large format touch screens have an easy to use annotation function. It helps presenters write, highlight and edit documents with annotations and notes. You can write and save copies of any content displayed without affecting the original document. This creation of movement during a presentation or a meeting increases engagement. The movement on the screen by the presenter also encourages the attentiveness of an audience. The stimulus of the movement in itself keeps the attention of your attendees a lot longer.

  2. Whiteboard:

    Large format touch screens can help you deliver presentations. They can also help you and your customers work together with great efficiency and ease. When your meetings and presentations run smoothly, they look great and provide exceptional customer value.

    You don’t need bulky flipcharts, messy whiteboards and dry erase markers. Just gently touch your fingertips to write on the screen without having to look for a pen or paper. Large format Whiteboarding gives you an unlimited canvas. It gives you a way of saving and archiving your notes.

    Tools like Contribute Cloud allow users to all download a copy of the notes at the end of the session so they can also save time without the need for the post-meeting round robin emails.

  3. VC or Video Conferencing:

    What 2020 has taught us if nothing else is that Video Conferencing keeps us connected when we have to be apart. One of the most downloaded Apps from the TouchIT App Store this year has been Zoom.

    Zoom integration with TouchIT Rapide allows you to host and join your video conferences directly from the Interactive Flat Panel.

    Video Conferencing is not just about talking via video, it is about securely sharing ideas, notes and documents and the touchscreen makes this very easy to manipulate.

    If you are looking to run a Zoom Whiteboard with your colleagues, it is much easier and more convenient to do so with a touchscreen than to try and interact with your mouse. A touchscreen is simply more natural input device for this kind of activity.

  1. No remote control:

    it’s great for easy content management. How many times have you not been able to find the remote for the TV? In fact, the remote control is a useful gadget in meeting rooms, but if you lose it, break it, or need to replace the batteries, you’re almost done for! The touchscreen gives you direct access to your favorite applications for example from TouchIT App Store all – at the touch of a finger. Change the volume, change the input source, change the brightness of the display, all can be done via a touch sensitive menu system – ideal for when that elusive remote control has gone missing……again!

  1. Increased work efficiency and interactivity:

    The days of one person standing in front of a presentation and talking at their colleagues for hours upon end we hope are long gone. Apps like Just Cast IT promotes effective presentations, decision making and teamwork, with the ability to work from any device or laptop in any meeting. Switching presenter without having to leave your seat. Multi-Casting with your colleagues to all share and show your own data are all features of the Just Cast IT software App.

    Research shows that employees attend an average of 6,239 meetings during their careers. That seems a lot of meetings to me! What is key here is that this time can be put to good use by increasing participation, increasing communication and increasing collaboration. A large format touchscreen with Apps like Contribute Cloud can assist in this process.

  1. Reduced expenses and increased longevity:

    Managing and maintaining technology can be a costly exercise in itself. That said, with the emergence of Touchscreens, these costs and associated time involved have been mitigated. Unlike their projector predecessors, touchscreens do not need bulbs or filters changing. They don’t need to be calibrated and images adjusting. They also last a lot longer – the TouchIT Rapide will last for around 11 years of use being used 12 hours a day, 7 days a week – that is long time! Think of how many projector bulbs you would have gone through in that same period of time.

  2. Why use touch screen technology in your board rooms and meeting rooms? Because it changes the way things are done for the better..

    Touchscreens without software is like a car without fuel. Nice to look at but not particularly practical. Apps are the touchscreen’s fuel and they will change the way you work and how things are done. They will increase productivity. They will increase interactivity in your meetings. Apps like Zoom keep us connected. Apps like Contribute Cloud allow us to collaborate. Apps like Just Cast IT allow us to cast and multi-cast multiple screens at once. These apps will change how we do things, but for the better.

Final Thoughts

Large format touch screen technology improves collaboration, efficiency and engagement wherever it is used. The implementation of touchscreens in your conference rooms can make your business meetings more efficient, enhance presentations, encourage colleague collaboration and ultimately help you get the most out of time spent in meetings.