Digital signage makes it easy for any organization to advertise their products, services or other content so they can stand out and attract more customers. The most versatile banner in the world is supported by a digital screen. They are available in all shapes and sizes, choose one or more combinations to suit your needs. Today, most businesses use contribute signage to gain an advantage over their competitors. It can offer your business several advantages that will help you become more competitive in your industry.

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Here is why you should consider digital signage for your business.

Customer Engagement.

Digital displays attract attention. Consumers find digital signage displays much more appealing and interactive than older advertising models. Whether announcing a special offer or transferring data to a patient’s waiting room, people can be more attentive when using digital displays. In addition, users can select content, play games and even subscribe to email newsletters.

Customers Remember What They See.

Recent studies have shown that 55% of people who have seen a digital advertisement can remember the message each time they walk past. The same research also examined individual advertising campaigns and found that 89% of travelers who have seen a digital billboard are able to remember specific messages from those campaigns. You need to invest in contribute signage if you want to ensure that your message has a lasting impact.

Standing out from the Crowd.

Of the clients surveyed in the report above, 71% said that they felt digital signage advertising was more appealing than Internet advertising and 46% said it was even more popular than TV advertising. For businesses, digital signage offers many applications, from marketing to morale to maps. With contribute signage, you have the opportunity to get your message across in a dynamic, engaging and captivating way.

Digital Signs Are More Dynamic than Traditional Posters.

A new study used anonymous video analysis to document the number of people in different locations who saw both static and digital signs. On the first day of work, the number of “impressions” (i.e. people paying attention) registered by the static sign reached its peak. Then, during the remaining weeks of the research, they dropped and remained low. During the course of the study, however, the digital sign received a consistently high number of impressions, compared to the static sign. This means that while it is easy to miss a static sign after the first time, even a familiar digital sign is difficult to miss.

Digital Signage Motivates People to Take Action.

A static sign and a digital sign, placed in two different locations, encouraged customers to contact a local service office for a free carry bag during the same study. During the entire experiment, only six people accepted the offer with the static sign. On the other hand, with the digital sign, 610 people went to the service counter and received their free carry bag. These results speak for themselves. Digital signage urges individuals to behave in a way that cannot compete with traditional methods of advertising.

The Industry is Growing Rapidly.

By 2025, the digital signage market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 8.94%. Retailers, advertisers and other business owners recognize a useful technology when they see one, and they appear to be on the right track with digital signage advertising considering its continued growth. However, in many industries, it is still underutilized. This is due to the fact that until recently, digital signage was mainly used in retail. The enormous potential of digital signage is being recognized across the globe. The number of organizations that could benefit from digital signage is virtually unlimited, and it is clear that the use of this technology will pay off in the long run.

Screen Publishing Excels at Promotion.

Screens are an ideal way to advertise goods and services on the street, in stores or out. We recently conducted our own study in which we compared posters with digital signage. We installed posters and digital boards in two different locations to advertise different products. In contrast to a control period where there was no advertising, products marketed under digital signage had an average 49% increase in sales. Products sold with poster signs had only a minimal increase in sales of 15%. In other words, digital signage was 34% more effective than conventional signage in advertising certain products. It is clear that digital signage is the future of advertising.

Screen Publishing Positively Impacts Brand Awareness.

The corporate landscape is changing worldwide. More and more companies are emerging and offering the same goods and services as the growing competition. Therefore, brand awareness plays a decisive role in recognizing and ensuring the success of your business. New research on the effectiveness of digital advertising at the point of sale (POS) has produced some very interesting results. Shoppers showed a 31% increase in brand awareness and appeal when asked about individual brands after being exposed to digital in-store advertising. They also experienced a 14% increase in brand awareness even when not asked about individual brands. Contribute signage is capable of anchoring your brand in consumers’ minds at more than traditional modes of advertising.

Digital Signage Drives Sales.

When used in a retail environment, digital signage has been shown to improve sales. The Nielsen Group conducted a study in which digital signage, by installing digital screens, in several grocery stores. The results were amazing: 4 out of 5 brands on digital screens showed an increase in sales of up to 33%. 75% of shoppers surveyed said that digital signage caught their attention and stood out. So there is no doubt that digital displays have a major impact on sales figures. For your brand, if you want to increase your sales. It is probably time to start investing in contribute signage.

Screen Publishing is Easy and Adaptable.

With screen publishing, it’s now easier to customize your signage to your needs. During events, you can use digital screens to display a calendar, or for internal communication to support important projects or highlight work in progress. You can also change your displays to suit the conditions in a retail environment, encouraging hot coffee in the cold and ice cream in the sun.

Final Thoughts

The list of benefits offered by digital signage is almost endless. For businesses, digital signage has many applications, from advertising to maps. For example, with contribute signage you have the opportunity to get your message across in a lively, appealing and captivating way. Think of contribute signage when you are looking for a way to reinforce your marketing messages, motivate your team or stand out in any space.