It’s a new school year for many of you teachers out there so we thought in this blog post we would look at how to make the transition from traditional software to cloud computing. What we mean by traditional software is software that you physically install on your computer rather than access via a cloud, or a browser. The chances are that you are already using some form of cloud computer and you haven’t even realized. Use Google Drive, Sheets or Docs? This is Cloud Computing. Dropbox? Online calendars? Again all Cloud Computing.

Why Should I make the Change?

There are a number of benefits to cloud computing. Firstly, with nothing to install, means that you do not have to go and ask your IT Administrator for permission to install ABC piece of software onto your computer. Secondly, and probably most importantly, there is nothing to maintain or update. If you are a Windows user you will be all so familiar with the regular updates and restarts that are required. The same goes for Microsoft Office, this is constantly being updated to most user’s annoyance. With Cloud computing you don’t have to do this as you are accessing the software from a browser. This means that the publisher of the software is doing the updates for you and when you access it, you always have the most up-to-date version available.

Cloud computing also takes the processing away from your computer and makes use of usually a much more powerful server where the software is physically located. This means that if you are using a Chromebook for example which most are designed to run on the cheaper processors to keep the cost down and there is therefore, the inevitable lack of power. Use your Chromebook to access a piece of cloud software and you can access the power of the server it is hosted on. Perfect. This means you can run much more powerful software on your underpowered machine simply by accessing the cloud.

As long as you have an internet connection you can access your files and cloud software from anywhere on any device. This is particularly useful if you are looking to do some work at home on your home PC and then take it to School or the office later on. You don’t need to physically “take” anything with you – it is just there waiting.

How do I make the Change?

Making the change can be as easy as signing up for some free accounts with popular Cloud Software providers. Here are some of our favorites.

Cloud Storage – Dropbox

Office Applications – Google

Digital Signage – Contribute Signage

Annotation – Contribute Cloud –

So next time you have to write a document, why not embrace Google Docs for example. Save it to Dropbox and then access it remotely from a different computer.


Cloud Computing isn’t going away. If anything, this is the future of software. The days of having to physically install software onto a computer are going away. Not because we say they are, because powerhouses such as Google are pushing us in that direction.

Don’t be scared of change. Embrace the cloud, you’ll love it!