We hope that you all have enjoyed your summer vacation and are looking forward to getting back to work. Every time this year we get contacted a lot for Drivers and License Key Resets so we thought we would put together a blog post to help point you in the right direction with some of the most common things we are asked for.

Computer Re-Imaged, Computer Changed and Need a Wizteach / Oktopus License Key?

Oktopus Software

If your IT department have re-imaged your computer and you need a new key or your key resetting, here is what you need to do. Firstly, you do need to have the old key even if it is telling you that there are no activations left on it. Here is what to do.

Open a new support ticket on the Qwizdom Support Center – https://qwizdom.com/supportcenter. Choose “Product Key Reset” provide your key in the space provided, and all any additional details if needed.

I need to download the Oktopus or Wizteach Software?

The downloads can be found on our main downloads page – This can be found here

Looking for Drivers for the Black S Series TouchIT LED.

If you know your serial number, you are able to download the divers from our main support page by entering your serial number into the driver search. This can be found here

Windows 10 For the TouchIT Board

TouchIT Board


The TouchIT Board was originally launched in 2008 so it is quite old now and all boards are long out of their warranty period. As technology has changed, we are unable to supply perpetual support for products so we do not have a driver compatible with Windows 10. In some cases, you may be able to use the built in pen and touch settings that are in windows control panel, but that really depends whether you are on a fresh install of Windows 10 or wither you have upgraded. Fresh installs tend not to support the IWB. Unfortunately, the only option is to run a Win 7/8 machine with the IWB.

Forgotten Passwords for Contribute Cloud, Contribute Signage and the TouchIT App Store

You are able to reset all of these software passwords from the main login screen on each piece of software. Remember to check your junk email as sometimes the password reset emails end up in there.

Looking for a Y Series (silver LED) Android Update?

You will be pleased to know you are running on the latest version as we have not released any updates to the onboard Android OS.