Firstly, to access Google Drive, you are going to want to download Google Chrome Browser to the Interactive, LED. This is the best browser available for the Y series and you can get it from the TouchIT App Store.

The fastest way to download it is open the Browser (from the home screen with the clock on the Y series) and head over to

You will need to login and if you haven’t already, create yourself a username and a password.

Once you are logged into the App Store, if you search in the ‘Productivity’ section, you will find Google Chrome Browser. Click to view, and then Click to install. The APK (which is the installation file) will be download to the onboard Android’s operating system. If you are not sure where this file is saved, click on the three dots icon (upper right hand corner of the screen) and choose “Downloading List”

A separate window will open and you sill see the installation file. Click to open, and then click to install.

Once installed, you can then open the chrome browser and navigate over to Once there, you want to click on the three dots in the upper right hand corner of the browser, and select “Request Desktop Site”

The reason that you are doing this is that Google thinks that all Android devices should be using the native Android App for Google Drive but unfortunately, we do not support Goole Play Services which is now a pre-requsite for the standalone App so we have to access it from the Chrome Browser. All the functionality is available from the browser version and you can access your files as you would normally.

Once you have clicked on this, you can then head over to

Login to your drive as you would normally.

Job done!