Why Should I Upgrade My IWBs for Interactive Flat Panels?

You might be wondering why you should upgrade your interactive whiteboards to new, more technologically advanced interactive flat panels. Is it worth it? Well, there are a lot of benefits that come with this kind of investment. In this article, we will try to highlight the most important points. First, there are a [...]

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The Importance of Interactivity in Higher Education

Student engagement is one way to measure good teaching. The more a student is engaged in their studies, the higher their satisfaction and motivation to learn. The National Education Association explains how engagement should be more about making lessons meaningful, rather than just making them fun. Learning something shouldn't simply mean studying material for the [...]

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TouchIT Launch Firewall Checker App

We're pleased to announce that we have launched a Firewall Checker App for our line of Interactive LEDs. Backwards compatible with the Y Series as well as the current TouchIT Rapide Interactive LED, now customers can take the guesswork out of their software & firewall setup on the network. TouchIT Firewall Checker is able to [...]

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Should my Business be Incorporating Temperature Screening?

In response to COVID-19, organizations must take steps to ensure that risks are mitigated and the health and safety of their employees and consumers is observed. Since fever is one of the first identifiable symptoms of coronavirus, F3VR Kiosk offers a first layer of protection. In other words, on-site temperature screening technology. When it comes [...]

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7 Tech Enhancements Every Classroom Needs

Technology is an educational engine encourages individualized learning, integration into the real world and provides access to a variety of assessment methods. Today, schools are changing and the integration of technological advances into teaching have become important, somewhat inevitable but also essential. In order to prepare students for their future, teaching must use the most [...]

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Should temperature screening become compulsory in Education?

As schools plan to reopen, many are considering devices that are capable of detecting elevated body temperatures. Even if the decision whether one has COVID-19 is not certain, temperature check has its advantages. Given the current controversy over temperature checks and the number of options available on the market, school officials need to familiarize themselves [...]

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Is Whole Class Teaching still “a thing” in 2020?

Since World War II, few countries around the world have witnessed schools closures at around the same time and for the same reason. With less than a month to go before most schools are expected to reopen, many teachers still have no idea how classes will be held. Almost every problem in the in school, [...]

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Distance Learning, is This the New Normal in The COVID-19 Era

To counter the spread of the Coronavirus and maintain a safe social space, schools across the country were temporarily closed and quickly switched from on-campus teaching to distance learning. The use of large-scale educational technologies in response to epidemics dates back to the time before the COVID 19 pandemic. For example, earlier historical [...]

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How To Use Video Conferencing For Remote Teaching

During this period of social isolation and remote learning, video conferencing is essential for teaching purposes. Inviting experts to participate in the virtual classroom is one of the best ways to inspire authentic learning. In addition, video conferencing allows educators to interact with peers who share similar interests, conduct research, and as well share knowledge and [...]

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Microsoft Teams and the TouchIT Rapide Interactive LED

Microsoft Teams works really well when collaboration is needed by people that are separated by any distance. You can hold team chat sessions - including video - and break the participants easily into smaller groups. It is easy to share documents and files. It integrates seamlessly with other Office 365 products, but how does it [...]

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