TouchIT Y Series Interactive Flat Panel

Available in 4 sizes (55" 4K, 65" HD, 75" 4K & 86" 4K) the TouchIT Y Series is the ideal Interactive Flat Panel for the modern classroom. It has a low cost, 10pt multi-touch, on-board Android Operating System. With a 3 year on-site warranty and PC, MAC & Chrome OS Compatible, never before has an Interactive Flat Panel been so feature rich and accessible to Schools and Districts.


On Board Android OS

On Board Android OS means you can use the TouchIT Y Series without a computer connected. Run Apps, Annotate, Browse the web, all are possible just by switching on the Flat Panel

TouchIT App Store

Access the TouchIT App store to download hundreds of FREE Apps to use on your TouchIT LED


  • All Apps are Free
  • Easy to Download and Install
  • Organized into Subjects

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Chromebook Collaboration

The TouchIT Y Series comes with the option of Collaboration on Chrome OS. If you are looking to connect your student's Chromebooks to your Interactive Flat Panel, the TouchIT Y Series is right for you.

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Oktopus Educational Content Software

The TouchIT Y Series is supplied with Oktopus Educational Content Software. Over 70 Tools organised into subject specific toolbars means you only need to display the tools that are relevant for your lesson. There are also over 10K State Aligned lessons available with Oktopus.

Contribute Cloud

Contribute Cloud from TouchIT Technologies is a cloud-based lesson delivery, creation and collaboration platform. Designed for the classroom, you can create your lesson from multiple files types and sources, bring them into one place, then share your lesson with your entire class on any device that has a browser. Simple, effective and FREE for all TouchIT Customers

Stands and Mounts - All Height Adjustable

TouchIT Technologies offers Balance Box products to enable your TouchIT LED to be height adjustable. Whether you need it fixed to a wall or on a rolling cart, there is a height adjustable mount available for you.

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What's The Difference?

We have three series of Interactive Flat Panels, so what is the difference?

Y Series

Designed specifically for the Classroom, the low cost Y Series offers functionality for those on a budget.

  • 55" 4K, 65" HD
  • 75" 4k, 86" 4K
  • Copy of 10pt Touch
  • On Board Android
  • TouchIT App Store
  • Titanium Color Frame
  • No OPS PC Option

I Series

(Available Q3 2017)With OPS PC Slot Expansion for an integrated PC and 20pt Multi-Touch, the I Series offers a higher specification for those that are not so budget constrained

  • 55" HD, 65" HD
  • 75" 4k, 86" 4K
  • 20pt Touch
  • On Board Android
  • TouchIT App Store
  • Black Frame
  • OPS PC Option

P Series

(Available Q3 2017)The "Rolls Royce" of the Interactive Flat Panel with a totally flat tablet-like surface. With 15pt Multi-Touch, the P series is for those that are looking for total aesthetics is the modern day workplace

  • 55", 65" 75" & 86"
  • All Models are 4K
  • 15pt Touch
  • Totally Flat Surface
  • On Board Android
  • OPS PC Option

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