Let’s take a look at some of the feature highlights of the Y Series from TouchIT Technologies. Firstly, the Y Series is available in four sizes, 55, 65, 75 and 86 inches. The 65 inch model is a Full HD display whereas all other sizes are 4K Ultra High Definition resolution. All models are 10 point touch and come with an anti-glare tempered glass finish with a wide viewing angle of 178 degrees. This makes the Y Series the perfect LED for any classroom or boardroom.


The Y Series from TouchIT Technologies has an on-board Android operating system. Not only does Android control all aspects of the LED from being able to change the volume, brightness and input source all on screen with the touch of a finger, it also allows you to install Apps onto the LED itself. This means the Y Series is able to offer the user true PC-Free operation. You don’t need a computer connected to the Y Series to be able to use it, just switch it on and use the Android OS. This is a great feature if your computers are a little old and slow for example.


There are over 1000 Apps available all for free from the TouchIT App Store covering many different topics and genres. From web browsers to Microsoft PowerPoint, they are all in our store. Once you have created your free account on the App Store, you can download any of the Apps that we have checked for suitability onto your LED. By controlling what is available in the TouchIT App Store, we ensure that our App ecosystem is suitable for all environments, especially the classroom!


Contribute App is available in our Store and is the simplest and easiest to use annotation tool on the market. With Contribute App we aim to re-create that piece of chalk or dry erase marker experience on the LED. Check it out, it couldn’t be any simpler.


Looking for Educational Tools and Content. Look no further than Oktopus software that is supplied with every TouchIT Y Series LED. With over 70 tools and three and a half thousand images and animations – there is no shortage of content. Oktopus also allows you access to 10 000 pre-prepared, state aligned lessons. If you are coming to TouchIT from Smart or Promethean, you are also able to import your lessons directly into Oktopus so you don’t loose you legacy content.


Want to share your content with colleagues or students on Tablets, Cell Phones, PCs, MACs or Chromebooks? You can with Contribute Cloud. Contribute Cloud is the latest in content delivery and collaboration. As the name suggests, it is web-based so there is no software or Apps to install and as it works in a browser, you can connect with any browser to Contribute Cloud. Share content from the Y Series LED to students or colleagues on their own devices. Collaborate in real-time in the cloud. All of this is totally FREE for TouchIT Y Series customers.


If you want to learn more, please check out our video demonstration.