Contribute Cloud V2 Tutorials

Here you will find everything you need to get started with the Contribute Cloud V2 Software. Our Video Tutorials cover everything from creating an account to multi-casting.

Creating an Account

  • Use Social Profiles

  • Use Email & Password

  • Free to create

Dashboard and Profile

  • Learn about the Dashboard

  • Learn to Edit your Profile

Starting a Whiteboard Session

  • Quick Whiteboard Session

  • No preparation

  • Save your annotations

Creating a Workbook

  • Import your Files

  • Access Cloud Storage

  • Access your own computer

Creating Participant/Student Lists

  • Email Lists

  • Google Classroom

  • One Click Invitations

Joining a session

  • Join Manually

  • From your browser


  • Shared collaborative Workspace

  • Images & Shapes

  • Permission based

Configuring Students for Casting

  • Add Chrome Plugin

  • Central Install Possible

The Main Tool Bars

  • Learn about the tools

Slides, Chat and File Transfer

  • Group Chat

  • File Transfer

  • Send Links

The Education Tools

  • Math

  • Language

  • Science & More…

Self-Paced versus Student Led Activity

  • Self-Paced

  • Student-Led

Pause Screens

  • Pause

Teacher Cast & Teacher Video

  • Cast from Teacher’s Computer

  • Teacher Video

Recording your Lessons or Presentation

  • Record Video from LED

  • With Audio

  • The Save

Downloading Notes

  • Download your Notes

  • On to your own device