TouchIT Notes is renowned for being the collaboration tool of choice for many businesses and schools around the world. But, did you know that it can also be used as a basic annotation tool? Quite often people just want the ability to annotate on their screen and save what they have done. Well, with TouchIT Notes you can do just that and here is how.

This is a FREE download and no license keys or logins are required for basic annotation and saving your annotations.

Step 1 – Download and install TouchIT Notes from the links below

Description Download
PDF_Logo TouchIT Fusion Manual Download
PDF_LogoFusion Spec Sheet Download
PDF_Logo Snowflake Software Spec Sheet Download
PDF_Logo Snowflake Software Guide Download

Step 2 – Open the Software

Step 3 – Choose the New Page Option

Notes for GE

Step 4 – Use the Tools to Annotate over ANY application

Notes GE1

Step 5 – Save your annotations to slides by clicking on the ‘right’ arrow.

Save Slides GE

Step 6 – View your slides by clicking on the ‘pages’ icon.

View Slides GE

Step 7 – Save your slides to PDF with the ‘Save” icon.

Save Notes GE