The Y Series Interactive LED from TouchIT Technologies is available in 4 sizes, 55″, 65″, 75″ and 86″. All sizes benefit from an on board android operating system offering the user pc-free operation. 10pt multi-touch means 10 simultaneous touches can be recognised on the screen at the same time. A wide viewing angle and anti-glare tempted glass means that the TouchIT Y Series is built to last in the toughest environments, even the classroom!

On Board Android

On Board Android means that built into the Interactive LED there is an Android Operating system. This OS is different from what you may be used to on a cell phone or tablet device. Firstly, instead of having a GPU, CPU, RAM, HD that are all separate, all of this is done on a single chip. Secondly, you will find that the version of Android is lower than what is available on a cell phone or tablet. This is normal. Our Android OS is highly customized and we don’t need to make use of the latest features available on say 7.0 Android; these are very much designed for the cell phone.

With On Board Android, you can make use of the LED without having to have a computer connected. We call this PC-Free operation. You are able to download Apps, annotate, run games, browser the web all from the onboard OS. Think of having a large tablet on your wall.

TouchIT App Store

The TouchIT App Store is where you download your Apps onto the Interactive LED. We’ve just released a new version of the store that is six times faster to download Apps than its predecessor. There are around 1000 Apps in the TouchIT App Store from a variety of manufacturers and software developers. You will find the popular Microsoft office suite, Google Apps as well as many games and productivity tools. All the content is free and suitable for the classroom. this means that you will not find any violent video games or gambling applications. Try it for free at

4K Ultra HD Resolution

4K Ultra HD is a must have. All the panel manufacturers have gone this way and it is most likely that your TV in your home is also Ultra HD. What this means is that we have 4 times the amount of pixels on the screen as a HD display. This means images are crisper and in a practical sense, it is easier to see smaller opbejktc on the screen even from the back of the classroom.

Anti-Glare Tempered Glass with a Wide Viewing Angle

What you don’t want on your Interactive LED is a glare or a reflection. With our Anti-Glare glass on the front of the LED, we can limit the amount of reflection. Ewe also make this glass safety glass, toughened or to give it its technical term, it is tempered. This means that it will not break if it is struck forcefully – ideal for the classroom. The wide viewing angle of 178 degrees means that the LED can be viewed from all sides of a room or classroom.

3 Year On Site Warranty

The warranty that we offer gives you total peace of mind. If you invest in the TouchIT Technologies product, then you have that warranty in place so you know you will get looked after. If there is a problem, our technicians will diagnose it. They will send out parts and then a technician will follow to fit them at your location. This will all be done at your convenience and the on site warranty is our commitment to you when you invest in our technology.