Contribute Cloud is a lesson and presentation creation platform. It is a lesson and presentation distribution platform. And it is also a collaboration and casting platform. All of this can be done without installing any software on your computer and all you need is a browser.

1.    Free for TouchIT Customers


License fees. Re-occurring fees. Fees per school. Fees per building. Fees in general are not something that TouchIT Customers need to worry about. Contribute Cloud has been designed so that it is always going to be free for TouchIT hardware customers. Therefore, if you have a TouchIT LED then you have Contribute Cloud for life! Totally Free. Software costs can add up very quickly and other manufacturers can charge tens of thousands of dollars per year. Having a piece of software that is totally free to use represents a huge saving.

2.   Cloud Storage Integration

To create your Contribute Cloud presentation you need to bring in content. Where do you get this content from? Contribute Cloud connects to the popular cloud storage drives such as Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive, Dropbox and of course, we can access your own local drive too.

3.   Google Classroom Integration

What is the purpose of integrating with Google Classroom? The answer to this is quite simple. Over half the School Districts in the USA are Google Classroom users. What this means is that they have already created their classes in that platform and entered their student’s details. If they had to do that again in Contribute Cloud it would be a double entry of date and a waste of time. With one click, you are able to connect to your Google Classroom account and import all of your active classes straight into the Contribute Cloud Platform.

4.   Casting, but whole screen casting

ChromeCasting usually involves the addition of a hardware dongle. Sending your NetFlicks account from your phone to your big screen TV in your home is a common use of such a technology. However, in this form there is little use for this in the classroom. Or, I should say an easy way to do this. In order for a ChromeCast dongle to receive a connection, the first connection has to be disconnected. Just image the inconvenience this is going to cause for the teacher in the classroom constantly having to tell the students to disconnect and reconnect and ultimately, not having control. 

Contribute Cast shows all the screens of the students in one easy-to-use window. The teacher can then select the student whose screen they want to cast. The power is put back into the teachers hands as they are the ones who are deciding who is casting and when. 

5.   Video and Audio for remote participants

Contribute Cloud has the ability not only to broadcast the content on the slides and shared work areas to participants. If your participants are remote, then they can also receive the audio and the video from the presenter or teacher. This opens up a whole host of possibilities in the classroom. Distance learning is not possible. Long term sick students can participate in the lesson from their home. They are receiving all the information on the screen, the audio and the teachers video.

If you would like to know more about Contribute Cloud, please visit to try the software.