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Training, Professional Development and Push Back

What Push Back Can We Expect? When there is any change in the classroom, you are going to get push back from the teachers regardless of which brand of Interactive Flat Panel you choose. Grumbles and moans, all part of the experience I'm afraid. In this section, we will highlight a couple of the common [...]

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What About Chrome? Considerations for Deploying Interactive Flat Panels

TouchIT LED and Chromebook Where do we start with Chrome? Chromebooks and Chrome OS have taken the education market by storm over the last 18 months. They are particularly attractive due to their low cost and simple browser-based cloud applications which make managing Chromebooks easier than Windows or MAC for school IT departments. [...]

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More Data, Less Marketing

We recently had an email from a potential customer highlighting that we are very marketing heavy on our website and he actually wanted more factual data. We thought his questions we very relevant and good enough to turn into a blog post so here we are. Sir, thank you for your contribution, you know who [...]

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A Few Considerations for choosing your Interactive Flat Panels

10pt, 15pt, 20pt, 32pt - how much multi-touch do I actually need? In my humble opinion, once the market progressed to two-point multi-touch, that was enough for most users and the rest is just “marketing hype.” Having 15pt over 10pt touch does not make it a better Interactive Flat Panel. With two-point touch you can [...]

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An Overview of TouchIT Notes, NOT the sales pitch!

What is TouchIT Notes - the non-techy overview? This Blog Post covers TouchIT Notes. It is not designed to be a step-by-Step guide, if this is what you are looking for then visit the downloads section for the Manual or sign up for the Email Course. This is designed to give you a non-techy overview; [...]

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Choosing the right Interactive Flat Panel?

Where do you start?   Different Types of Technology Avoid Overlays and Non-Integrated units To the inexperienced, a TV and a touch overlay would seem to present a school with an inexpensive option for an Interactive Flat Panel, but this really doesn’t work. An overlay is a second piece of technology that lays on the [...]

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