Welcome to TouchIT Technologies

Thanks for choosing TouchIT Technologies Interactive Flat Panel. This email will deliver your software downloads, license keys as well as give you some information on getting trained on the product.


Contribute Cloud

Contribute Cloud is our brand new lesson creation and collaboration software. (This has replaced TouchIT Notes)

You can access the software from https://contribute.cloud

You will need to create yourself an account which you can use your social media accounts, or an email and password. It is totally free to use.

You can access the Online Manual here

App Store

On the On Board Android Operating system on the TouchIT LED once you have switched it on (NOT on your own PC)  you will need to install the App Store. Open a browser on the On Board Android OS and navigate to www.touchittechnologies.com/appstore

Click on the Icon and this will download the App Store APK. Once downloaded, click to install. You will then need to create yourself a free account to have access to the 1000s of Apps in the App Store.

Contribute App

This is our basic annotation tool we suggest you download it. You will find it in the App Store on the home screen.


Getting up and running with TouchIT Technologies products has never been so easy. We suggest that you take our email courses to become familiar with the software.


If you need any help getting started, head over to our video tutorials – TouchIT Y Series Tutorials

If you get stuck, please do email us at support@touchittechnologies.com

Thanks again for choosing TouchIT Technologies