TouchIT Y Series Tutorials

Here you will find everything you need to get started with the TouchIT Y Series. Our Video Tutorials cover connecting your LED to how to use the Android OS. For software Tutorials, please use the links in the "Support" menu.

Getting Started

Connecting the Cables

In this tutorial we will explain what you need to do to get your LED up and running out of the box


  • Connecting Power
  • Connecting HDMI
  • Connecting USB

Connecting to your WIFI Network

In this tutorial we will learn how to Connect your Y Series LED's On Board Android to your WIFI Network


  • WIFI Connection
  • Internet Connection

Installing the TouchIT App Store

Once you have connected to the internet, let's learn how to download the TouchIT App Store


  • TouchIT App Store
  • Get lots of Free Apps

Register to Receive your Software License Key and Installing PC/Mac Software

In this tutorial we will learn how to register and receive your Oktopus Key and Download Links


  • Install Software
  • License Keys

All About Android

Android Overview

In this tutorial we will learn how to use the basic features of our on board Android Operating System. From swipe menus to closing apps.


  • General Overview
  • Open & Close Apps
  • Free up Memory

Changing Input Source

Being able to connect your computer (PC/MAC/Chrome) and switching between the input sources is key with the Y Series LED


  • Change Sources
  • Connect Multiple Machines

Volume & Brightness

Learn how to change the volume and the brightness of the TouchIT Y Series with the On Board Android, Remote and Front Control Buttons


  • Use Android
  • Use the Remote
  • Use the Control Buttons

Stopwatch & Countdown Timer

The TouchIT Y Series has a built in countdown timer and stopwatch on the Android Operating System. Lean how to use these here.


  • Countdown Timer
  • Stopwatch

Installing Apps

Apps are the backbone of any Android Operating System so in this tutorial we will teach you how to install Apps and where to download them


  • Install Content
  • TouchIT App Store
  • TouchIT Webstore

Uninstalling Apps

We've shown you where to download Apps and how to install them, so here in this tutorial we will show you how to uninstall them


  • Uninstall Apps

What to do if there is a problem?

Learn where to get more information about troubleshooting your LED and what to do in the event there is a problem.


  • Online Support
  • Online Chat
  • On Site Warranty