Still today, 12 months on from its launch, the TouchIT Rapide is the fastest interactive flat panel display on the market. The Rapide is available in 4 sizes and designed on the Android 8 operating system. This makes your daily tasks a breeze. For the first time, in a classroom or board room, your interactive flat screen can actually replace your computer. This is exactly what customers are asking for, the opportunity to do more directly on the LED without a computer connected.

Don’t forget that all TouchIT Rapide LEDs come with Contribute Cloud software a license-free application. Collaborate with your students or colleagues, share information, multicast wirelessly and use our multi-zone learning games in the classroom. Contribute Cloud can now run for the first time directly from the interactive LED, so there is no need for a computer to be connected.

With just a few clicks, you can even download hundreds of free applications from the TouchIT App Store. If there is something you need or an App that you cannot find in the App Store, let us know. We’ll test it for suitability and we can add it to the store in just 24 hours if it’s free and appropriate for the classroom or boardroom.

We also offer some great customisation options on the TouchIT Rapide. You can add shortcuts to the Apps that you use the most as well as being able to customise the floating toolbar for quick access to even more of your most used Apps.  This allows you to fully customize the look and feel of your TouchIT Rapide LEDs to give you easy access to the applications you need.

TouchIT Rapide Features


It is available in 4 Sizes

Sizes available, 65″ 75″ 86″ & 100″

4K UHD Resolution

The impressive 4 K UHD resolution offers a stunning viewing experience. TouchIT Rapide interactive LEDs are the ideal platform for home and distance learning, specially designed for education. Ultra-High Definition (UHD) gives the optimum viewing experience for any classroom or boardroom. Watch your content come to life in stunning 4K resolution.

Android 8.0

This is the fastest operating system available for an interactive flat panel display. Android 8.0 is the most complete, stable, and feature-rich version of the OS for interactive displays. Android 8 gives you the power to do all of your day to day tasks directly on the LED. Browse the web, watch a movie, check your emails all are super-quick to do on the Rapide.

TouchIT App Store

Access a wide variety of content directly from the TouchIT App Store. All applications are divided into categories that are fully searchable to enable you to find the content that you need. All applications are suitable to the classroom. You will not find any non-educational video games or social media. Probably the most important point here is that they are FREE to install on your TouchIT Rapide LED.

Multi-Zone Gamification

More than 40 educational games for use on TouchIT Rapid LEDs have been integrated into Contribute Cloud. Divide the interactive flat screen in as many sections as you want to have as many students on the LED.  There are, 40 + Educational Games-40 + Our Educational Games are organized by subject areas.

Room Filling Audio

Powerful front facing speakers fill the room with sound. We describe the speakers are being room-filling in that they are more than capable of delivering the sound you need in your average classroom or boardroom. If you want to connect to external audio, you are able to do this too.

Up to 40pt Touch

Up to 40pt Multi-Touch allows you to really make use of the interactive nature of the screen. Have multiple users up at the screen at the same time. The multi-zone gamification canvas really comes to life when several games can be played simultaneously.

OPS Integrated PC Option

If you are a Microsoft lover and just can’t tear yourself away from the Windows OS then we have you covered. An additional option is an OPS PC which is a small form factor PC that can slot neatly into the back of the LED without the need for any cables. If you are looking for the all in one option for Windows, then this is just for you.

Casting & Multi-Casting

Cast your student’s screens to the LED from your Chromebook, laptop or PC. Casting and Multi-Casting is the ability to wirelessly share a screen to the interactive LED from your PC, MAC, Chromebook, or Linux machine. Cast multiple screens on the LED at the same time. This is a great feature to be able to simultaneously, in real-time, compare what participants do on their devices. You’re not limited to just four LED screens, but as many as you can have in your session. To view your various participants, simply scroll up and down the Multi-Cast Window.

We have two softwares that support casing and multi-casting. Both come as standard with he TouchIT Rapide. We have Just Cast IT and we have Contribute Cloud.


Connect the entire class to the interactive flat screen at no extra cost. The TouchIT Rapide comes with the Contribute Cloud software as standard which allows you to connect all your students in a class or your colleagues in a business meeting to the Interactive LED. What is being displayed on the LED can now be seen on your own device. How cool is that!

3 Year Onsite Warranty

Enjoy absolute peace of mind for if you are in the USA or Canada with our 3 year on site warranty. If there is a problem, we’ll diagnose it with our support team, send out the parts and a technician to come and fit them at your own location. Rest assured you are going to be looked after in the event that you have a problem.


If you want to browse the web, play high-definition videos, or use your favourite applications without the need for a computer, all of this can be done on the TouchIT Rapide – natively!

What sets the TouchIT Rapide aside from its competitors is the plethora of software that is supplied. Over 1000 apps are available, annotation, casting, multi-casting, gamification, voting and polling, the list goes on. All of this software comes as standard with no annual fees or costs. There are also no limits with connectivity and numbers of users.

How refreshing is that.

TouchIT Rapide – do more with you Interactive LED.