Many Interactive Flat Panel manufacturers have been including on board Android in the offerings and here at TouchIT Technologies, we are doing the same thing with the new Y Series product. In this blog post we will explain why we believe it is a game changer for the customers and the steps that we have gone to to make sure our customers get the most out of the new addition.

PC-Free Operation

Many schools and businesses do not have the budgets to purchase both Interactive Flat Panels and new computers. Therefore, the ability to run the Interactive Flat Panel, in our case the TouchIT Y Series without a PC Connected, utilizing only the onboard Android OS is a huge benefit. Simply turn on your LED and off you go! It really could not be any simpler so this is the first benefit as we see it.

Apps – the backbone of on board Android.

The backbone of Android has long been the Apps that we all download and love. The selection has become ever greater as time has gone on. The plethora of Apps available, especially offering free content is really amazing and the possibilities that they open up to users of the Y Series is fantastic. Need a periodic table? Download and App! Need a Scientific Calculator? No problem, download the App. The “problem” is well, how do you access the Google Play store as a school or a business? Whose account are you going to use? Whose credit card are you going to store on the site? How are you going to ensure that only appropriate content is downloaded on to the Interactive Flat Panel? Its difficult!

Therefore, what we have done at TouchIT Technologies, is develop and launch our own App Store. Available as both a web store and a native Android App, the TouchIT App Store is an ecosystem that we control. Only Apps that are suitable are available in our store. Only Apps that are free are available in our store. The TouchIT App Store is free for our customers to use and there are around 1000 Apps available at time of writing. Check it out!

The New Chalk or Dry Erase marker – Contribute App

Having on board Android and being able to offer our customers PC-Free operation, we also needed to be able to offer them a simple and easy to use Annotation App. We believe that we have done just that. The Contribute App we believe is the simplest and easiest to use annotation App available. Free to download from the TouchIT App Store, the Contribute App combines simplicity with functionality. Make quick notes, save them, export them, quick, simple and hassle free.

Integrated Control of the Interactive Flat Panel

Having on board Android on the TouchIT Y Series means that we are able to control the unit from the screen. What we mean by this is features like changing the source input or the volume, traditionally done with a remote control or the front control buttons on the LED are now available at the touch of a finger. This makes it really simple to switch between a connected computer and the on board android. Being able to run apps, then switch back to your PC is a huge benefit to the user and it is just the swipe of a finger to have access to the control bar.


On Board Android

So there we have it, the 4 main reasons we think that Android is a game changer. 

  1. PC Free Operation
  2. Free Apps
  3. Contribute App
  4. Control