So What is a BalanceBox?

In short, the BalanceBox is a height adjustable wall mount that enables a teacher or user of the Interactive Flat Panel to be able to adjust the height of the IFP with little to no effort. TouchIT Technologies offers the BalanceBox as an additional option item with its Y Series Interactive Flat Panel. School districts such as Corning Painted Post have standardized on this combination in the Classroom and it is proving popular around the country.

Why do I need a BalanceBox?

A BalanceBox gives you an added benefit of being able to adjust the height of your Interactive Flat Panel on the wall. The reason you would want to do this is so students or teachers of different heights are able to reach the top of the LED. Whilst many of the interfaces in Apps and Operating Systems these days are accessible from all parts of the screen, there are still some tasks where you do need to be able to reach the top of the LED. The BalanceBox with its patented spring technology enables the user to left the heaviest of Interactive Flat Panels with just one hand and little to no effort.

How does the BalanceBox work?

The first thing that you have to do is attach the BalanceBox to the wall. This you do just like you would with a regular wall mount. Once it is attached to the wall, you then need to attach the VESA bracket to your Interactive Flat Panel. You are then able to hang your LED on the BalanceBox. The next step is where the name comes from. What it involves is putting tension on the springs so that the LED will “Balance” in the centre of the box. Once you have enough tension on the springs, they will then provide the user ‘assistance’ when they raise or lower the Interactive Flat Panel. Depending on the model of BalanceBox, you can get up to 15.75″ or 400mm in height adjustment.