K-12 school districts have struggled with the challenge of providing online education during the pandemic. However, despite hardships, giving teachers access to online learning platforms for their lesson plans has begun opening up new pedagogies and innovative software tools that improve experiences both in and out of the classroom.

Schools are beginning to open their doors for the Fall semester, and much of the focus is on addressing mental health needs among students. The federal government distributed funds that will be spent improving campus safety, increasing student learning, and addressing mental health concerns.

It is important for students to get the necessary technology skills in order to compete in today’s workforce. One-to-one computing initiatives have been embraced enthusiastically by millions because they help provide individual students laptop computers with which to learn, access online resources and complete schoolwork. Putting the power of discovery in the hands of students as well providing them access to the cloud.

The next generation of K-12 edtech will allow teachers to make use of one-to-one computing and share lessons with the entire classroom. By integrating new display technologies into the learning spaces and common areas of K–12 schools, they can begin creating a more engaging environment that prepares students for active-teamwork models in higher education. Software such as Contribute Cloud from TouchIT Technologies does just that. Connecting these 1:1 devices together with the front of class or huddle space interactive display.

Interactive Flat Panels in Classrooms

Schools are shifting their focus from presentations to teaching projects, where students and teachers are submitting working and turning in assignments in a digital environment.

Modern display technology can take interactions with the classroom material to a new level. Touchscreen digital displays (or Interactive white boards as quite often they are referred to) allow elementary school students to interact with learning materials while board screen sharing capabilities show upper-level work on screen.

For grades K-2, touch screen technology that allows students to discover the material and gamify the learning experience is a better purchase than devices with fixed screens.In later grades, sharing screens and casting (sending information to a digital board from a one-to-one device) can support more advanced project-based learning. Both learning gamification and casting comes as standard in the Contribute Cloud Software from TouchIT Technologies. Furthermore, TouchIT’s interactive flat panels let you share your screen with laptops or mobile devices connected not only to the same network but remotely via Just CastIT; this allows for incredibly immersive educational environments.

Additionally, depending on a school’s policy and its stance concerning bring your own device initiatives, interactive white flat panels that support casting can also receive and display information from students’ personal devices. Apps like TouchIT Air and MiraCast can cater for both Apple and Android Devices.



Interactive flat panels systems can also support active-learning pedagogies. As such, learning spaces can be designed to modular and reconfigurable, encouraging group and ad hoc collaborations. Unlike traditional presentation systems that are usually anchored to a spot in the room, displays can be mounted or placed on mobile carts which students or teachers can place anywhere. Systems from TouchIT like the BalanceBox eBox height adjustable rolling cart mechanism make it even easier to move you screen to the optimum location and height for the audience – whoever that may be.

These Interactive Flat Panels can even be rolled down the hallway to an empty classroom or back room if it is necessary for a class to have space that accommodates more students.

Flexibility. Integration. Collaboration and opportunity. Everything the model interactive Flat Panel combined with the latest Apps can offer the connected classroom

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