Is everyone the same height? Easy this one, the answer is no! So what height do we mount the Interactive LEDs I hear you ask? Not such a simple question to answer so this is where height adjustable wall mounts come into play. In general, a height adjustable wall mount allows you to move the LED up and down with a certain amount of travel so that you can make it easier for both the taller users as well as the shorter users of the LED. These wall mounts that are height adjustable can either be manually adjusted or they can be electric. There are pros and cons of each – but the decision in general is that electric tends to be a lot more expensive. The range of height adjustable wall mounts that we offer with our TouchIT interactive LEDs are called BalanceBox.

What is BalanceBox?

BalanceBox is a height adjustable wall mechanism for Interactive LEDs that is designed and manufactured in Europe. Let’s focus on the manual height adjustable BalanceBox first.

BalanceBox 400 and 650 – what’s the difference?

In order to understand the difference between the BalanceBox 400 and 650, we need to understand how the BalanceBox works. At the core of the product is a very strong spring. The spring holds a moveable plate in place to which you attach your LED. The spring is tightened on the LED to the point where the moveable plate is in balance with the weight of the LED. That means that the plate and the LED can then be moved manually by the user up and down. When the user lets go, the spring holds the unit in place and this is how we get our height adjustable wall mount to work.

Now, that said, the spring is very strong and in oder to hold or “balance” a heaver interactive LED, you need to tighten it. At some point, you are going to hit the limit of the spring so that is why there are two models available. The spring in the BalanceBox 400 is able to cope with the weight of the 55″, 65″ and 75″ TouchIT LEDs, but the 86″ too heavy. Bring on the 650 with an even stronger spring that can support more weight and our 86″ LED.

So there we have it – the 400 and 650 do the same thing, work in the same way, but are designed to work with different weights of screen.

Mobile Stand? BalaceBox Mobile?


Yes, that’s right. There is a rolling stand that is compatible and designed to take the BalanceBox mount. However, this is not a cost effective way of doing things and it is in fact cheaper to purchase the eBox that it is all the components that are needed to make the Mobile BalanceBox.

VESA Attachment?

It would seem a bit odd that you cannot connect an LED directly to the BalanceBox 400 and 650, but this is the case. They have been designed so that you do need a VESA (which is the universal hole spacing standard for mounting LEDs and TVs) plate attached to the LED. In the image above, these are the horizontal pieces that stick out of the sides of the mount.


eBox is a great product. This is an electric height adjust able wall mount that attaches to the wall under its own support (by this you can attach to to a non-load learning wall as the weight of the LED is taken by the stand and the floor, not the wall) At the touch of a button, you can move the screen up and down. Like the Fusion 2 below, the screens move quickly, have anti-collision too. Please note that the eBox in this configuration is neither moveable, or tilting. There however, is another SKU for eBox that is the mobile electric stand on wheels and this is far more popular that its wall mounted counterpart.



eBox Tilt / Fusion 2


The perfect product for group collaboration and cluster learning

The TouchIT Fusion 2 is the future of K-12 interactivity. Available for TouchIT LED Y Series LED Displays in 55″, 65″ and 75″, the TouchIT Fusion 2 is three products in one! An Interactive Easel, an Interactive Table and an Interactive LED – Choose how you want to use the product at the touch of a button – perfect for any K-12 classroom. The product is actually called the eBox Tilt, but as TouchIT have had the Fusion product for many years, we actually brand this as the Fusion 2. You do need to purchase this in conjunction with a Y series LED (55-75″). At the heart of the product is the LED, and the Fusion 2 stand is then electrically able to raise, lower and tilt the product flat – pretty cool huh!

What is even cooler with this product is the speed that it can do it – much faster than anything else on the market but also, the fact that the product comes with Anti-Collision. What this means is that if the product comes into contact with anything during its transition, it will stop and retreat This means that trapping fingers for example is not possible (or extremely hard we should say as anything is of course possible)

Parts and Numbers


BBWMK 0608641030631 TouchIT Balance Box 400-90 (480A14)
BBWMK1 0608641030655 TouchIT Balance Box 400-70 (480A12)
BBWMK2 0608641030754 TouchIT Balance Box 650-130 (484A08)
BBWMKVESA 0608641030648 TouchIT Balance Box VESA (481A21)
BBWMKSUP 0608641030662 Wall Support for TouchIT Balance Box
BBEBOX 0608641030679 Motorized Mobile Stand for 55″- 86″ LED
BBEBOXWALL 0608641030686 Motorized Wall Stand for 55″- 86″ LED
BBACCTRAY 0608641030693 Lap Top Tray for Motorized Stands
BBACCCAM 0608641030709 Camera Support for Motorized Stands
BBACCSND 0608641030716 Sound Bar Mount for Motorized Stands
BBMOB 0608641030723 TouchIT Balance Box Mobile Stand 400
BBEBOXTT 0608641030730 Fusion 2 Stand for 55″, 65″ & 75″ LED (487A03)