Digital Signage is everywhere. We see it in the shipping malls, we see it in show windows, we see it in Coffee Shops, Takeaways; it’s everywhere. So let’s take a look at what we see as five essential ingredients that every Digital Signage System should have.

1. Be Simple

We believe that Digital Signage systems should be simple. There is no point in putting in an extremely complicated piece of software that you can’t use, that you need a 3rd party to create your layouts, that charges you for creation and update – that is not what Digital Signage should do. Digital Signage should be easy. Yes, there is going to be some kind of a learning curve for any Digital Signage Software, but you should be able to do it yourself. Having to get a 3rd part in to create and update is not practically. Keep things simple.

2. Online WYSIWYG Editor & Central Management

You want the ability to create your signage online and also manage your signage online. This means that you can do it remotely from any device with an internet connection as long as your system is cloud-based. The days of having to have your own server installed in your building or office are long gone. This should be in the cloud as all modern systems are. The advantages of this are that you can have multiple users accessing the system from anywhere, all using the same system.

3. Playback Apps & Players

When you come to choose your Digital Signage System, you really should be looking at how you display your signage. Yes, you will need to choose a TV, LED or Monitor, but how do you get the layouts on them – normally there is a playback App or a standalone player. If there is an App available, this means you can create your only “playback device” by using your own computer. This needs to be a dedicated machine as you would not want to use your regular computer as a digital signage player. What this does mean is that you can potentially use your old computer as a Digital Signage Player (as long as the specs are ok) and save yourself some money.

4. Scheduling

You need to have the flexibility to choose what you want to play on an LED and when. You should be able to have different layouts showing at different times of the day on different screens – total flexibility what what is played when. This also should be a simple process to do.

5. User Management

The likelihood is that you are going to want more than one person on the system. What is certain is that you will not want everyone to be an admin on the system and you will want to control the privilege and who has access to which features. Therefore, there should be some kind of user management feature. What would also be ideal is that it would not be limited so you could create as many users as you wanted to on the system. This would be ideal!

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