Why Choosing an Interactive Flat Panel is More than Just Comparing Specifications

So you are thinking about Interactive Flat Panels. You have drawn up a short list for "the boss" or "committee" that needs to make a decision. In this post, I would like to explain why a pure side-by-side comparison of specifications is not the way to decide things. You need to look deeper. [...]

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Why you don’t need a Sharp PN-VC862H Interactive LED

Quite often at TouchIT Technologies, we are asked to compare our products against other manufacturers. In this blog post we are going to look at the TouchIT Rapide versus the Sharp PN-VC862H All non-TouchIT Image Credit - http://www.sharpdisplaysolutions.com/product/pn-vc862h Sharp PN-VC862H Introduction According to Sharpdisplaysolutions.com "Sharp PN-VC862H with high picture quality and [...]

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How to Get the Most out of your Mac and Interactive Touchscreen

Mac and an Interactive Touchscreen surely the perfect combination? With the popularity of Apple products and indeed the Mac, we thought that we would write this article to help you get the most out of your Mac when using a large interactive touchscreen. Common place in many classrooms and boardrooms around the world, I do [...]

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Everything an Installer or Integrator Needs to Know about the TouchIT Rapide LED

Quite often, the Installer or Integrator for the TouchIT Rapide LEDs in a School or a Business has never seen the product. They are the un-sung heroes of the tech world. Integrating the products into their final destination ready for the end-users.  In this blog post we aim to give them all the information they [...]

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Smartboard Alternative

Are you looking for a Smartboard alternative? What you must not do is replace a broken Smartboard with another Smartboard. That would be a crime against technology in our opinion.  In this post we'll look at what alternatives to Smartboards there are and why they are better. We'll even show you how they save your [...]

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The #1 SMART Board 7000® Pro Series ALTERNATIVE

Hello and welcome to this blog post on a SMART Board® 7000 Pro Series Alternative. The product that we are going to put head to head with the Smart Board 7000 Pro is the TouchIT Rapide, from TouchIT Technologies. We'll look at aspects of the hardware and the software and try to conclude what is the [...]

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Interactive Flat Panel Cost Calculator

How much do Interactive Flat Panels Cost? Introducing our Cost Calculator. How much does and Interactive Display cost for the classroom? A simple question perhaps, but not one that comes with a straight forward answer. There are a number of factors that are going to influence the cost of your Interactive flat panel. [...]

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7 Reasons Why You Should Replace your Interactive Whiteboards in the Classroom

If you're looking to replace your Interactive Whiteboards because your projectors are failing and you are having to replace the bulbs all the time. If you're looking to replace your Interactive Whiteboards becauseyour maintenance costs are going through the roof trying to keep your existing Interactive Whiteboards and projectors going - we we can help. [...]

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The Interactive Flat Panel You Need In Your Classroom!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t9jA4LVAHzE Hello and welcome to this short demonstration of the TouchIT Rapide LED. The TouchIT Rapide LED is the fastest interactive flat panel on the market. Available in 4 sizes and built on the Android 8 operating system, the Rapide makes light work of your every day tasks. For the first time, your Interactive [...]

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