We all know that Digital Signage is becoming increasingly popular in Schools around the country. In this blog post, I would like to address some of the myths about Digital Signage.

Myth 1 – I don’t Need Digital Signage

In short, you do but perhaps you have been put off by some of the other misconceptions we cover in this blog post. Digital Signage engages your teachers, your students and your visitors in a way that a static image or sign just would not be able to do. We all know that movement attracts and keeps attention so creating signage with video, moving text and images helps to engage your audience. It also allows you to display more information on the same sized display. What do I mean by this? Well, in your signage you can incorporate a series of rotating screens with different information in. By cycling the screens, you are showing a lot more information that just a static flyer or a note on a dry erase whiteboard for example.

Myth 2 – Its too complicated

Some systems out there, yes, are really complicated but we believe at TouchIT Technologies, we have created a really easy system to use. Check our www.contributesignage.com and let Susie, our regular cartoon signage Guru guide you through every step of the way. Digital signage should be able to be created by anyone with some basic computer skills and an eye for what looks good.

Myth 3 – Its too expensive

Having to pay reoccurring monthly fees or subscriptions is the way in which some companies go about charging for Digital Signage. This is not what we do at TouchIT Technologies. Contribute Signage is a one time fee and you have the choice of purchasing the number of screens you need – you can always add to them later. We don’t charge anything above and beyond the license fee.

Myth 4 – I need lots of new expensive hardware

Perhaps in the past this was the case. A big server and a dedicated content delivery machine. Times have changed as too has technology. Drawing again on the example of our own product, you can actually convert an old PC connected to a TV into a Digital Signage Player using our playback Apps. You can then manage the whole system from the web browser of any device with an internet connection. It really is that simple.

Myth 5 – Digital Signage is just PowerPoint on a loop

No, No No and No. This is not the case at all. PowerPoint was designed to deliver slide based presentations in a classroom, board room or meeting room. It was not designed to be Digital Signage. It is not Digital Signage because you cant update it remotely, the software is not designed to be used 24/7, you cant change a layout without physically being at the computer that is running the signage. You also cant start or stop it without being there, at the computer again. In short, no, it is not Digital Signage.

Myth 6 – You have to pay to have your Signage updated

Again, perhaps with some companies this may be their business model and certainly it was a model employed by a lot of companies in the past, but not us. We have designed Contribute Signage so that anyone can use it. Anyone can also update it. When you create your account, you can actually create additional users with specific privileges on your system. In that way, you can control who does what and that includes updating the signage layout screens that you have.

Myth 7 – There are not many uses for Digital Signage in Schools

Where do I start here? There are so many uses for Digital Signage so let’s cover a few. Welcome screens in Foyers, info screen in hall ways, digital menus in the cafeteria, way finders, scoreboards and the list goes on.

If you would like to try the software that addresses all these myths, then head over to www.contributesignage.com and try our software FREE for 15 days, no credit card required.

Thanks for reading!