Global Interactive Display Market 2015-2019

Global Interactive Display Market 2015-2019 An interactive display is a touch-enabled device that enables people to seek information and access services of their choice. It is a technology used in malls, educational institutions, meeting rooms, airports, hotel lobbies, and airports. Interactive displays are used in monitors, whiteboards, digital signage, and projectors. According to Research and Markets [...]

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TouchIT Keynotes at #1 Network Event, Florida

TouchIT President Ronnie Murphy today is giving a Keynote speech on TouchIT's Interactive LED and software offering at the #1 Network annual conference in Florida, USA. #1 Network have recently added the TouchIT LED to their product line and it will launch officially with their dealer network today at the event in Florida. #1 Network, [...]

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RS232 Control of TouchIT LED

It is becoming more and more common place that the TouchIT LEDs are going into environments were control systems are in place. The TouchIT LEDs come with an RS232 port for control the unit. The features are pretty much the same features as you get with the remote control, the difference being that you can [...]

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