TouchIT Y Series Tutorials

Here you will find everything you need to get started with the TouchIT Y Series. Our Video Tutorials cover connecting your LED to how to use the Android OS. For software Tutorials, please use the links in the “Support” menu.

Connecting the Cables

  • Connect Power Cord

  • Connect HDMI

  • Connect USB

Connecting to your WIFI Network

  • WIFI Connection

  • Internet Connection

Installing the TouchIT App Store

  • TouchIT App Store

  • FREE Content

  • 1000s of Apps

Register to Receive your Software License Key and Installing PC/Mac Software

  • Install software

  • License Keys

Android Overview

  • General Overview

  • Open & Close Apps

  • Free Up Memory

Changing Input Source

  • Change Sources

  • Connect Multiple Machines

Volume & Brightness

  • Use Android

  • Use the Remote

  • Use the Control Buttons

Stopwatch & Countdown Timer

  • Stopwatch

  • Clock

  • Countdown Timer

Installing Apps

  • Install Content

  • TouchIT App Store

  • TouchIT Web Store

Uninstall Apps

  • Uninstall Apps

What to do if there is a problem?

  • Online Support

  • Online Chat

  • On Site Warranty