TouchIT Vitesse Manual

Basic Operation of the TouchIT Vitesse

After you have connected your TouchIT Vitesse to a Power Outlet, you are ready to turn it on. Once it is switched on and boots up (less than 30 seconds) you will be presented with the Home Screen.

The user interface has been designed to be as simple as possible to navigate. You have access to the 4 main apps, the Whiteboard, The TouchIT App Store, Cast and the Browser.

On the side of the LED is the main menu – you can see this below. Click on the tab and the menu will appear.

From top to bottom here are the options.

Back – in Android OS, this is the equivalent of the escape key. It will take you back to the previous page or screen you were seeing. It can also cancel popups like the keyboard.

Home – Pressing the home key will always return you to the main home screen that is shown at the top of the page, regardless of what App you are using.

Open Apps –  This option will show you all of the open apps on the LED. You Can also close apps by using this option. Click on the red “X” underneath the open app and it will close.

Finder – We have a separate section in this guide on the Finder and how to use it.

Apps – This is where you can access all the apps that are installed on your LED

Annotation – This tool allows you to annotate over whatever is being displayed on your LED. This is true even if you are displaying from an external source like a Laptop or Chromebook.

Inputs & Settings – From this option, you can access some of the screen’s settings as well as change the input source on your LED.

Widgets – We have a separate section in this guide on the widgets that are available on the screen.


In the top right hand corner of the LED, you have access to some options for “Hotspot” “Ethernet” and WIFI”


From left to right, they are “Hot Spot” where you can use the the internet of the LED as a wireless hot spot. “Ethernet” so a hard wired connection to the network and then finally “wifi” – click on these icons to configure your connections.

Main Homescreen Icons.


The main home screen has access to the Whiteboard, App Store, JustCastIT and the Chrome Browser.


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