TouchIT Y Series LED Manual

Registering and Downloading Software

The TouchIT Y Series does not come with any Software or Licenses in the box; you need to register your product in order to receive the license keys and download links.

To register, you need to navigate to

Here you will find an explainer video that walks you through the steps, but here is a outline. Underneath the video, if you scroll down you will see a registration form. Enter your name, School/Business, email and your serial number which you find on the left hand side of the LED as you look at it on the rear side of the frame. 

If you are registering more than one LED, click the button to add additional serial numbers so you can receive the software and license keys all in one single email.

The benefits of registering are that if you forget or lose you key, we can send it to the email address that you have on file with us. If you no longer have access to this email, please get in touch and we can send it to a different address once we have verified you purchase.

The video below shows how we can register our TouchIT Y Series LED.

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