TouchIT Y Series LED Manual

Downloading and Installing the App Store

The TouchIT App Store allows you to download and install Apps onto the On Board Android on the LED. In order to access the store, you do need to download and install it.

First, after you have connected to the internet, you need to navigate (on the LED, not your PC/MAC) to the Browser that you will find in the Dock on the Home Page.

Then, you need to visit

Once this page loads, you will see a large App Icon. Click on the App Icon and your download will begin when you click on the download confirmation. Once downloaded, click on the message that confirms the app is downloaded, or navigate to the Downloading List.

“Three Dots” (upper right hand corner or screen) then select “Downloading List”

You can then chose the App Store and it will ask if you wish to install it. Click ok.

Once Installed, you will need to register to create an account. Enter the details on screen then click on Create Account. Once created, click on Login and you will be taken to the login page.

Enter the email address and password you have just selected and you will then be into the App Store. 

To download an App, select the App you want to download, click “Install” then “Install” again and the App will download and Install. When it is ready, click open.

Installed Apps can be accessed from the “Apps” menu which is on the Dock on the Home Screen.

Here is a video explaining how we do the above

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