TouchIT Rapide Manual 2021

Installing and Uninstalling Apps

Installing and Uninstalling Apps is a key part of the TouchIT Rapide LED.

To Install Apps, you are going to need to register for the TouchIT App Store. This is totally free and we have a section in the manual on how to do that. Once installed, login to the App Store.

Installing Apps is a simple process of selecting the Application from the App Store that you wish to Install, Choose “Install” to download the App, then when it is ready, select “Install” again to install the App onto the TouchIT Rapide LED



Click on “Download App” for the App you wish to install.

Once downloaded, click on the “Install” option in the bottom right of the screen.

Uninstalling Apps

Uninstalling Apps is also very straight forward. From the home screen, click on More Apps, then press and hold on the app your want to uninstall. The Icons will shake and you can choose the red “X” to delete the App.

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