TouchIT Rapide Manual 2021

Mounting the TouchIT Rapide

This product does ship a wall mounts in the box. Only use commercially manufactured mounting accessories which meet this product’s specifications.

(Please note, this is a commercial grade monitor with a tempered glass front. The units are much heavier than a TV you will find in your home. As such, many mounting brackets rated for the LED’s size are not suitable for this product.)

  • Only use properly rated wall and stand mounting hardware that meet TouchIT Technologies’ specifications. Please also follow the installation instructions. TouchIT Technologies’ warranty does not cover any damage caused by use of improperly rated mounting hardware or from improper installation.
  • To prevent damage to the screen surface, carefully place your monitor face-down on a clean, cushioned surface.
  • When mounting the monitor to a wall, Please make sure that appropriate wall fixings are used. A Qualified installation technician will be able to advise you if you are not sure.
  • Do not place the LED on an unstable surface, which could result in serious personal injuries and LED damage. When mounting the LED to a stand, be sure to following the manufacturer’s instructions. Use only the mounting hardware recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Do not install or use the LED near any heat sources such as radiators, heat registers, stoves, or other devices that produce heat.
  • Do not place the LED in direct sunlight, humid, greasy or dusty places or in places where the LED may come into contact with rain, smoke or steam.

Please ensure that the mounting hardware that you select is suitable for the weight of the unit. The following are the NET weights of the Rapide LEDs.

65″ 43KG ( 95 lbs)

75″ 58KG ( 128 lbs)

86″ 75KG ( 165 lbs)

100″ 135KG ( 300 lbs)

VESA Hole Patterns TouchIT Rapide

65″ 600 x 400 (M8 bolts)

75″ 600 x 400 (M8 bolts)

86″ 800 x 600 (M8 bolts)

100″ 800 x 600 (M8 bolts)

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