Handwriting Recognition (HRW) remains an important feature for many of our users. We’ve improved the HRW feature but some of you may experience the message below after the most recent update.


We changed the behaviour of OKTOPUS to use the same display language for HWR as you have selected for your Windows operating system.

For Example, if you start OKTOPUS in Spanish then OKTOPUS will look for Spanish HWR on your system. The most common scenario that we expect users to see this message is when English and US English are involved.

In this scenario we imagine that people are using OKTOPUS in UK English but has the US HWR only (or vice versa) installed with Windows.

If you have a US system, then please choose the US English language option on Oktopus. If you are missing a language with your Windows installation, you can install it manually following the instructions below.
First you need to add a language.

  1. Open Settings
  2. Go to Time & Language > Region & Language
  3. Add a Language of your choosing
  4. What should happen is that it will now check windows update. Inside “options” you should be able to download a language pack.
  5. Now you should have the language installed.

Test handwriting recognition in Windows itself.


  1. Click the keyboard icon in your taskbar. If it isn’t there, right-click your taskbar and make sure “Show Touch Keyboard Button” is ticked. Then, click the keyboard icon at the bottom right of the keyboard itself.
  2. You will now see 4 icons where you can switch keyboard layouts and also use handwriting.


  1. If the 3rd icon (for handwriting recognition) is turned off then your computer does not support handwriting recognition for that language. Otherwise, you should be able to click the 3rd icon. Then you can use handwriting in that box.



If you use OKTOPUS, then it will only be in English, OR it will give you “NoMatchingInkRecognizerFound”.