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Do more with the Interactive Flat Panel than ever before, all without the need for a Computer.

The Next Generation of Interactive Flat Panel Displays

For the first time, your Interactive Flat Panel can replace your computer

Professors want to do more with their Interactive Flat Panels. They don’t want to have to connect a computer, they want to do everything natively on the LED. For the first time with the TouchIT Vitesse, this is possible. Our super-charged Android 11 Operating System is the fastest available on the market. Now, you can run all the Apps you need to replace your computer in the classroom. Don’t worry, it works with your Windows, MAC, Chrome or Linux computer too!

TouchIT Vitesse

Feature Rich

TouchIT App Store

Access a multitude of content directly from the TouchIT App Store. All Apps are organized into categories. Looking for something in particular – then request an App!

100s of FREE Apps available

All Apps are content appropriate for the classroom. All Apps are also FREE to install on your TouchIT Vitesse LED

Supplied with license-free software

Nobody wants to pay yearly for software! Check out Contribute Cloud. Collaborate, Cast, Multi-Cast, Gameification, Multi-Zones, all for FREE!

Create, Collaborate, Cast. Say hello to Contribute Cloud.

License Free Software for all TouchIT Users

Designed for the classroom, you can create your lesson from multiple files types and sources, bring them into one place, then share your lesson with your entire class on any device that has a browser, even have your students cast. Simple, effective and FREE for all TouchIT Customers

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