What do you do when someone comes into your classroom whilst you are not there? They switch on your brand new TouchIT Y Series LED and then changes the language of the on board Android operating system to German? A language you have no working knowledge off. A language you know even less about when you are trying to find settings rather than ordering a cup of tea or a beer whilst you are in Europe on holiday! Apart from scratching your head and uttering a chain of expletives under your breath, believe it or not this has happened to one of our “Y Series Evangelists”.


The first thing to do is find either someone that is really IT literate. They will be able to find their way around the OS and change the language back. This is in fact just what our Y Series Evangelist did. Another option is to ask one of your children in the class. Let’s face it, changing your buddies cell phone into Chinese or Arabic when they unsuspectingly left it unlocked has been the prank that just keeps on giving. Our children are used to using cell phones in foreign languages – for sure, they can help. More to the point, how do you make sure that this does not happen again?


At TouchIT, we understand that it is impossible to make sure that your classroom is locked all the time. It is simply not possible to assign 24/7 security personnel to guard your beloved Y Series. Let’s face it, it’s not going to be the most practical use of a school’s budget. So what do you do? As it happens, our evangelist reached out to us with this problem and we do have a couple of solutions.

On of the beauties of the new Y Series is the on board Android OS and linked to it is an App Store full of Apps. “Surely there is an App in there that can help” she said. As it happens, there wasn’t. One of the things that we designed into the App Store was like a good Karaoke evening, we’re able to take requests. Our team set out evaluating various Apps that could do the trick, and once tested deployed it to the store. It works great. Out evangelist downloaded and installed it from the App Store and Voila! Boot up your Y Series and you are presented with a lock screen where you need to either enter your preferred “pattern key” or choose a pass code. The prospect of meeting German Android first thing in the morning is no more.

We also have access control built into the OS so that you can lock access to certain Apps and Settings. You can find this by clicking on the screen helper on the right hand side of the TouchIT Y Series.

Lock Your Y Series

Lock Your Y Series

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