How to Upgrade Firmware on your Y Series LED

If you have found this page without being directed to it by a member of the support team, you are updating the unit at your own risk. The firmware below is only compatible for some units which is dictated by the serial number. The support team will check and only direct you to this page once they are sure this is the correct firmware for your device. Do not update your device without consultation with a member of our support team first as it could lead to irreparable damage.

Download Firmware

Once downloaded, you need to extract the files and copy them to a USB drive. There should only be 3 files on your drive as shown below. Your USB drive should also be Fat32 formatted.

The video above shows this process

Please copy these files onto a flash drive that is formatted with FAT32 (Not NTFS as the LED will not read it)

To update Firmware

Step1: switch off the power (power off) using rocker switch on rear of unit

Step2: insert USB stick to USB connection at the rear of the unit.

Step3: Press Power button (keypad on front of screen) and keep it held down

Step4: switch on the power (power on) using the rocker switch on rear of unit

Step5: When you see the “update image” or the LED indicator is flashing for 5 seconds. You can release the power button at the front on the keypad

Step6: The unit will auto power on when the Firmware has been updated, the firs ttime boot up it would take 3~5 minutes