Contribute Cloud – Video Demonstration.

Hello and welcome to this video demonstration of Contribute Cloud.

Contribute Cloud is an online content creation, delivery, and collaboration platform. Contribute Cloud allows you to take your existing content, whether this be images, documents or presentations and through our platform, allows you to share this with others and collaborate in real time. In a classroom scenario think of being able to share your Word Document, image or Presentation with your students on their devices and have them complete a whole class activity using your existing material. In a Corporate setting, think of being able to deliver your PowerPoint presentation to your colleagues, who can see it on their own devices and leave at the end of the meeting with all the content and the notes downloaded to their own device. The word “device” is important here as Contribute Cloud is operating system agnostic, meaning if you have a device with a browser, you can use Contribute Cloud.

As the name suggests, Contribute Cloud is cloud-based. That means there is nothing to install, nothing to update or manage. It is the perfect software setup for IT Administrators and we know they are going to love it, simply because they have nothing to do! All you need to be able to run Contribute Cloud is a modern browser – this really is the future of where all software is heading.

We start by navigating over to – please note there is no www. As TouchIT LED users, once we’ve created a free account which we can do so using either our social profiles, or a username and password, we can login to the system. Now we’re going to create a new workbook.

Creating a workbook is quick and easy. I give the workbook a name, topic and description then I begin to add “content”. I use the word “content” because it can be multiple file formats from our cloud storage drives. On the right hand side of my workbook editor you can see that the files begin to populate as slides. Once I’m done, I’m going to save the workbook. When I save my workbook it saves to my own account in Contribute Cloud. Here you can see we have multiple workbooks in our account. It means you can prepare in advance your classes and presentations and you don’t need access to your work or school computer – because everything is in the cloud you can access your account from almost any device with a browser.

Now it is time to take this workbook and collaborate with some students or colleagues. If I am a Google Classroom user, I can import my class lists directly from Google Classroom. If I’m not, creating your own lists is quick and easy. Now I’m going to invite my list to collaborate with me. By doing this Contribute Cloud will automatically send out an invitation email to those people on my list. If you don’t want to invite participants by email, they can also join manually from and enter the session ID followed by their name.

Clicking on the link in the invitation menu takes your participant straight into the live session. You can see from the notifications window when people have joined your session. You can also grant participants collaboration access directly from this panel. If a participant wants to collaborate with you, they can request directly from their own device by using the “bell icon”. You will see on your presenter screen that the bell rings to alert you that somebody has requested access. Tick their name to grant them collaboration access. Click again to revoke access.

Once a participant has been granted collaboration access, anything that they do on the screen is transmitted in real-time to all participants in the session. When your session is completed, your participants can download a copy of the entire session to their own device using the Download to PDF Icon located on the toolbar. Could it be any easier?

Contribute Cloud. Cloud-based, cross-platform, content creation, delivery and collaboration made easy.

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