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Multi-Cast #

Multi-Cast is that term that we have coined for streaming multiple student’s or participant’s screens up to the TouchIT LED live and in real time. As with Contribute Cast, there is no additional hardware needed, all the ‘clever stuff’ is done in the cloud. What is more, the teacher or presenter has full control of who is casting and is also able to switch between a single user’s Cast and a Multi-Cast screen. 

To access Multi-Cast, you need to open the notifications window by clicking on the Bell Icon

The, click on “Contribute Cast” option – this will display any participants that you have in your session. Here, we have just two participants but the system is unlimited as we know.


Next, we need to launch a Multi-Cast Window. – Click on the button to open the window. We do this so we are not sending an infinite loop of screens back to the participants.

Once your window is launched, you then need to add your participants to the window. To do this, click on the “Add to Multi-Cast” button that is located underneath the participant’s screens.

Once you have added your participants, your Multi-Cast window should look like the below.


Please note, to close the Multi-Cast window, you need to click on the button labelled “Close Multi-Cast Window” in the notifications tab.

When you re-open the Multi-Cast window, it will remember which participants you have added to the window. To remove the participants, from the notifications window under their screen cast preview, you need to click on the button labelled “Remove from Multi Cast”


At any time, you are able to Cast the whole screen of a participant by clicking on the full screen icon



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