18.Multi-Zone Gamification #

How is Gamification included in Contribute Cloud Software?

Unlike some other vendors and developers in this space, the multi-touch, multi-zoned games are included as standard for all Contribute Cloud users. This is a free update (as are all updates) to the software and when you log into it now, you can see the games included. They are ordering into their subject specific sections and we have also included so additional games, just for fun!

Unique Approach to the User Interface

What is different about Contribute Cloud’s user interface, is not only is it multi-zoned, you are also able to rotate the games to be used on our Fusion 2 interactive table product. Furthermore, you are not confined to a quadrant on the screen you have total flexibility with the layout as you are able to drag and drop games into separate regions of the screen in a totally dynamic fasion.

How does it work? What do I need to do?


First, you need to select the “Multi-Zone Gamification” button from the Toolbar. This will open the brand new full screen multi-zone dynamic game canvas.


Now, from the categories on the top bar, you can drag a game into place. The first game you drop in will be in full screen. The next shows you the area that this can be dropped into and so on and so forth. The video below shows you what we mean. You can also rotate the games by clicking on the blue rotate icon if you are using them on our Fusion 2 Interactive Table.


A few Standout examples of the 40+ Integrated Learning Content

The all-new multi-touch Piano is a fantastic tool for music lessons. Not only are you able to change the sound of the piano to one of 40 different models, but you are able able to record your master-pieces and download them to your computer when you are done – how cool is that?!


Maths Challenge helps improve your numeracy skills by offering quick fire questions where you must calculate the answer before the ghost attacks our hero. Answer the question correctly and our hero will fend off the ghost and move onto the next question. Gameification of math at its best.

Gameification of Language. Make as many words as you can – this game really makes you think and improves your spelling. Why not challenge one of your peers to a “word off”



These are just 3 examples of the types of learning games we have integrated into Contribute Cloud. Check out the software to see all of the new content that is available for you.

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