I want to deploy digital signage. I’ve chosen a platform, chosen my displays, now what? Time to create some content. But what should I be looking to include on my signage layouts in 2018?

The Platform

When you are choosing your Digital Signage Platform, you really want to consider the following. How easy is it to create a layout? How easy is it to change a layout? How easy is it to update a layout and can this all be done remotely?

Time, Date Weather, News

These are “staple” elements on pretty much all digital signage displays. You must have these on your layouts, unless you are doing advertising when it is slightly different.

Moving Images

Moving images catch attention. Remember, if we were going to have a static display, it would be easier and cheaper to stick a poster on the wall. Digital content gives us more flexibility than a poster does!

Moving Text

Again, creating movement is so important as movement attracts attention. If you thing that crowds of people outside a shop attract more people because it is human nature to be curious, this is the same with digital signage. If you see something moving you are more compelled to take a closer look or give it a second or so longer than you would a static display.


Transitioning from one image or layout to another makes things look good. You want your displays to be powerful in their appeareance and attract attention – transitions help do this.


Choosing what is displayed on your Digital Signage Displays and when is very important. Having the flexibility to schedule what is being show and change it at the touch of a button is exactly how Digital Signage should work.

Updating your content.

Keeping all of this wonderful content updated and relevant is really important. There is no point in having a digital signage system that is advertising an event you were holding last month! You want to be able to update your content from pretty much any device and you want to be able to do it on the move. What you certainly do not want to have to do it pohysically visit each device and load your information from a USB key. When choosing your Digital Signage Platform, you should pay close attention to how things are updated.

Contribute Signage.

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Thanks for reading!