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TouchIT Technologies' East Coast Regional Sales - I'm based in the field serving primarily customers in MA, CT, NY.

Why Should I Purchase TouchIT over Smart or Promethean in 2019

Technology is ever changing and evolving, and with each new and exciting idea, there must be technology available or creatable to support it. Not all technology can survive the wheels of change, and being flexible enough to adapt is critical in these fast-moving times. The days of the carousel slide projector came to an end [...]

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Why should I embrace Google Classroom? What can it do for me and what Apps are out there to expand its capabilities?

For those in the education industry, there has a been a massive shift in technological advances for the classroom in just the last six years. Google has firmly established itself as the driving force for changing the way we look at the physical classroom and the educational system as a whole. The way they have [...]

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