If you are wondering why the TouchIT App Store exists, or what it is, hopefully we can clear this up in this Blog post. The TouchIT App Store is an ecosystem of free Apps and it is designed to distribute content in the form of Apps to the TouchIT Y Series LED. This gives the user the ability to personalise the content that is available on their LED. We wanted to be able to control the ecosystem that is our App Store so that only free content was available but also all the content was appropriate for the classroom. We know that there are millions of Apps on Google Play, but a lot of the content is paid for and there is also a lot of content that is not suitable for the classroom.

Number 1 – The TouchIT App Store is 100 % FREE

Yes that is right. It is 100% Free. You don’t need a credit card on file like you do with many of the App Stores. Also, everything inside of the App Store is totally free to download. Only Free Apps make it into the TouchIT App Store!

Number 2 – There are almost 1000 Apps in the TouchIT App Store

There are almost 1000 Apps in the TouchIT App Store. This number also continues to grow as we find and add more and more relevant Apps to the Store. 

Number 3 – We control the Ecosystem so All Apps are content appropriate

We manually choose what Apps go into the store. This means that we can control the Ecosystem that is the TouchIT App Store. All Apps are appropriate for the classroom. There are no violent video games. There are no gambling Apps. The reason that we do this is so that are confident that even if students go on the App Store, they can only download safe Apps.

Number 4 – Like a bad Karaoke we take requests

That is right! If you are looking for a specific App that isn’t in the store, let us know. We’ll download it. We will test it and if it works on the LED and is Free, then it will go into the store. This process can take up to 24 hours, but is usually a lot quicker.

Number 5 – We Categorize the App Store so you can find the Apps that best suit you

We categorise everything into the TouchIT App Store so that you can find the App you want quickly and easily. If you know what you are looking for then we also have a search feature on the site. 

Number 6 – Apps are Regularly Updated

We do our best to try and keep the Apps a up to date as possible. When a developer updates an App, we aim to keep the Apps on our servers as recent as possible. If you spot something that is out of date that we have missed, let us know!

Number 7 – You can browse the Apps at home or on other devices at www.touchitappstore.com

If you are wondering what is available in the App Store, you don’t need to be at your LED to find out. We have a web store available which is connected to the App Store. The website allows you to browse the available Apps in the store. You can even download them onto your computer or a memory stick to speed up the installation when you are at your LED.

Number 8 – Got a Question – we are here to help? Online Chat

We are here to help. If you are browsing around www.touchitappstore.com then we are online to help. In the bottom right hand corner of the screen you will see our chat icon. Click the chat to speak with one of our representatives directly.

Number 9 – Don’t have a TouchIT LED? No problem.

If you don’t have a TouchIT LED but would like to have access to the TouchIT App Store on your device, you can download the App here – http://touchittechnologies.com/appstore

Download the APK, install it onto your device and create yourself an account. It’s quick, simple and FREE.