If you’re looking to replace your Interactive Whiteboards because your projectors are failing and you are having to replace the bulbs all the time.
If you’re looking to replace your Interactive Whiteboards becauseyour maintenance costs are going through the roof trying to keep your existing Interactive Whiteboards and projectors going – we we can help. In this blog post we’re going to look at 7 reasons why you should be replacing your Interactive Whiteboards in the Classroom.

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Now, let’s get going and have a look at why you should replace your Interactive Whiteboards and projectors in the classroom.

Reason Number 1 – No Shadow

Okay reason number one there’s no shadow. With an Interactive Flat Panel the image is coming from behind you. Even if you had an ultra short throw projector coming from above to your interactive whiteboard you will have some kind of a shadow; you just don’t get that with an interactive flat panel

Reason Number 2 – No Drivers or Calibration

Reason number two, there’s no drivers or calibration required. This was always a huge issue with any of the interactive whiteboards.  You’d get your computer you’d plug in your cables and oh dear, you’ve got no drivers. So then, you have to go and get IT to come and try and install it it’s a huge barrier to use. With the interactive flat panel there is no driver and there is no calibration – you could just plug in your HDMI and your USB and away you go!

Reason Number 3 – No Maintenance

Okay number three. There’s nothing to maintain so unlike your projector where you’ve got to clean the filters periodically, there’s nothing like that with an interactive flat panel. A damp cloth on the screen to remove any fingerprints is all you need and you’re good to go so there’s nothing to maintain with your interactive flat panel

Reason Number 4 – Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Number four total cost of ownership. Okay, so the total cost of ownership of an interactive flat panel is much less than the total cost of ownership of a whiteboard and a projector combination. Let’s look first at how long this kind of product actually lasts. The TouchIT Rapide will last for somewhere in the region of 50,000 hours. If you take that 50,000 hours then break it down to eight hours a day may be maybe, actually, let’s go for 12 hours a day seven days a week you do the math that’s eleven years of usefulness out of the product. So as you can see, it’s a lot longer than your projector and your whiteboard combination. Now if you think how many times you would have had to replace that bulb for that projector over the same kind of period, plus the time cost of labour to do it and travel in some cases to go to another school or building, this adds up. Let’s say a bulb lasts a thousand hours. Most say that they last longer than this but that is in perfect conditions suing shut down properly every time and we know that this never happens that way in a school. I’m gonna need 50 bulbs bulbs for the same lifespan of an Interactive Flat Panel.  These bulbs cost 100 to 150 dollars each, that’s huge amounts of money – about 5000 dollars to be precise. How much was an LED again?…… Its pretty clear here that the total cost of ownership of the interactive flat panel is much much less.

Reason Number 5 -Easier Installation

Number five relates to the fact that with an interactive flat panel it’s a much much easier installation. Think of your TV at home and I am sure you have a simple wall bracket that goes onto the wall, couple of screws to hold it in place and you hang your TV on that bracket. The most basic installation of the interactive flat panel is exactly the same and to give you an idea we even include the wall mount with the TouchIT Rapide so it’s a really really easy installation. You’ve got none of this configuring a projector to make sure the image is nice and square. Of course there are height adjustable wall mounts available which are a little bit trickier to put together but again they’re much easier than the interactive whiteboard and the projector installation. It is also much quicker to do and when your contractors charge you by the hour, this is definitely a saving.

Reason Number 6 – Software

Number six is the software packages that come with the Interactive Flat Panels are much more comprehensive than that of Interactive Whiteboards. In Short, the market has just moved on and people expect more. For example, the TouchIT Rapide comes with an app store that’s full of hundreds and hundreds of free apps. We don’t want you to have to pay for content. It also comes with Contribute Cloud software which is our free collaboration, annotation, learning gamification, casting multi casting and more software. It can do all of that in one piece of software that totally free. Finally, you have of course  got the onboard Android system so that means you don’t need to make use of a computer if you if you don’t want to. The software package is really really important and much more advanced than with any of the interactive whiteboards. As I said, the market has changed and people expect more and dont expect to have to pay for it. That is why none of our software comes with any reoccurring fees.

Reason Number 7 – The Overall Package

Finally number seven. The seventh reason why you should replace your interactive whiteboard and projector with a flat panel is because it’s really about the overall package and by overall package I mean the hardware the software that we’ve mentioned coupled together with service and support. All of this is hardware and software is backed up with a three-year on-site warranty so you’ve got tha tservice element in there as well.  Finally, you’ve got the training and professional development that we offer at TouchIT Technologies. We have a whole host of online material. We come out to your schools and do that professional training in the classroom as well. It’s really really important that once you’ve invested in this kit that you can make use of it so it’s the final reason that you should replace your interactive whiteboards.

Thanks for reading!