Choosing which manufacturer you are going to go with for your Interactive Flat Panels in your school or District is not an easy decision. Nor is it a decision that should be made lightly. In this blog post I am going to look at 7 reasons why you should choose TouchIT Technologies.

I am going to start with the “s’s”

  • 1. Service

I know that every manufacturer claims that they have exceptional service so what I want to do is actually give you a couple of examples. Firstly, if we take one of our larger school districts in Connecticut, USA on average we are there in someway share or form on average every month and have bee for the last 3 years. Why is this? Service.

Not only do we visit the customer post sale, but we also provide countless hours of professional development. Whether this be online through our email based training system, live webinars and of course in person training. These are areas where we feel that we go above and beyond what is expected. Why do we do this? Well, this is two fold really.

Firstly, we know that happy customers that use the product will ultimately buy more; so we have a vested interest. Secondly, referrals. The amount of referrals we get in areas where we do have product is amazing. It is also the best form of advertising that one can get.

  • 2. Support

Manufacturers will claim they have excellent support. I guess the proof is in the pudding. However, that said, being one of the smaller manufactures in the market and again, we have no problem sharing this, we are able to react much quicker. You will also find that service is more more personal that that of a larger organisation.

We have less hoops and middle management to jump through to get the job done. Our support team are on hand almost 24 hours a day to respond to your questions. We also have a multitude of different ways in which you are able to get in touch. By phone, Online Chat, Email, the Support Ticket System. Our Social profiles are also equipped to deal with support issues if they are reported on them.

In short, we are here to help in whatever way we can.

  • 3. Software

You may think that I do waffle on somewhat about software. That is because it is important. In the past, it used to just be about the hardware. The problem today, is “what do I do with an Interactive Flat Panel?”  The answer to this question is software.

Software very much is the “what”. Today, it is so important to have the right software packages to match up with your hardware to ensure that you get the most out of your technology.

At TouchIT Technologies, not only do we develop the software in house, we have lots of it. We have an App Store with over 1000 free Apps inside. We have Contribute Cloud for lesson creation, delivery and annotation plus of course casting. We have TouchIT Air for MAC and IOS mirroring. Plus, we will be releasing two new software pieces in the not too distant future.

Software is key. You don’t want to have to pay for it, you want plenty of it and you want it to be unlimited. All of which we cover at TouchIT Technologies.

  • 4. Specialist

We’re a specialist in the market of Interactive Flat Panel manufacture. This is what we do. What I mean by this is that there are certain larger household brands that have dipped their toes in the interactive flat panel market. Almost as if they wanted to make a quick buck form a growing market. Did I just write that in a blog post? oops!

OK, so we are a specialist. This is what we do and 98% of what we do as a company is Interactive Flat Panels. As we have seen above, we design all our own software for the flat panels to provide the best user experience possible. We don’t rely on third parties.

Today, we are on our 7th generation of Interactive Flat Panel. We have almost launched 1 range a year since 2012 when we launched our first model. That is dedication to the market but also means that we are bringing a vast amount of knowledge with us that has been obtained over the 10 years we have now been in business.

Think about it like this. If you are going to go with a new company, how can you be certain they are still going to be in business 3 years from now when you are coming to the end of your warranty period and need some support? Food for thought.

  • 5. USA-Based

Whilst we do have offices and personnel abroad, we’re a US-based company here in Austin, TX. This is important as many of the brands on the market are not from the USA. How are you going to get support?

Do you need to speak to someone whose first language is not English for support? (Perhaps a little unfair as one could argue that certain of our America sales team don’t actually speak properly, sorry guys – rant over!) My point is that most Americans do not like overseas call centres and we certainly do not have them.

  • 6. Flexible and Nimble

What do I mean by this? Well, it’s pretty simple. Unlike some of the larger companies in the market, we are able to move quickly and get things done quickly. Let me give you an example here. We had a new customer purchase a couple of 86″ Interactive LEDs. They had them setup, began to get to grips with Contribute Cloud and the App Store and they then had a question.

Due to the nature of their particular school, they wanted to disable the image search for the students in Contribute Cloud. As you would expect, the image search already had safe filters on it but they wanted to actually disable it for the students. We thought that the request was fair and it would not be a bad feature.

Less than a week later, rolled into the live software was the ability for the teacher to disable the image search for the students if they so wished. This is just an example of how we can work quick, are flexible with the needs of our customers and are driven by feedback from our customers.

  • 7. Committed to your Success with the product

It may seem somewhat of a cliche, but we really are committed to your success with the product. As I have already mentioned, we are not the huge faceless corporation. We’re a smaller specialist manufacturer. We can’t afford for you not to be happy with your product. We need the success stories. We need the referrals. We need the word of mouth publicity about how great your experience with us has been.

Deciding which direction to take your School or District with new technology should not be something that you wish into or a decision that you take lightly. We’d love to come a show you what we have and explain just what we can do to help you.

Arrange a demo today!

thanks for reading!