TouchIT Notes - K-12 Whole Class Colaboration

TouchIT Notes allows you to connect Student’s Tablet and Cell Phone devices to the Interactive LED for group collaboration.

Personalize student learning by adding notes to the teacher’s slides on your own device. Continue to make notes on any slide, safe in the knowledge you can re-join the teacher in one click. After the class, there is no need to save the notes, they are saved automatically, to your own device. Personalized learning made easy!

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Connect Any Device

TouchIT Notes allows you to connect to a class session with a tablet, cell phone, Windows PC or even a MAC. Cross-platform collaboration!.


  • Windows
  • MAC
  • Chrome, IOS, Android


TouchIT Notes allows the teacher to select a group of students to work together live in real time annotating on their own devices.


  • Annotate
  • Shared Work Area
  • Real-Time


Inclusive Learning

As TouchIT Notes is a true cross-platform solution, students don’t have to be all on the same devices. This leads to a more inclusive learning environment.

BYOD Group Collaboration

Connect all the students in your class on their own devices to the TouchIT LED so they can receive whatever is being shown on LED on their own device.

Bring Your Classroom To Life...


Share your screen with 40+ students

Remote and distance learning over the internet

Mirror your Tablet or Smart Phone to the LED

Connect any device

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